After some in-depth research, the results are in…

I have been cruising all over the blogosphere. Wow! There are some really funny, creative, imaginitive and disturbed people out there!
I have come to the conclusion that my blog sucks. I am going to be under some reconstruction for awhile…..

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One Response to “After some in-depth research, the results are in…”

  1. artis1111 May 12, 2008 at 4:50 pm #

    >Hi Kat, I have been looking at old old post on RMS.I wish HGTV could do something about the nuts. I had a painting of my mom posted yesterday and Leopard man came on and tryed to get me to do battle. I just took down the post.I had called him a nut case on anothers post. Bad ME!! I will not do that again. I am just so tired of loging on to find hin reposting the same thing, and he is sorry for calling us ladies cows. I am just ranting< sorry. I like the elephants. What all are you doing for the church? Kathy

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