Cartoon Bloggers Part 5

I’m going to start this post with a bit of free advice. If you are a notorious procrastinator, don’t ever say, “I’m gonna do this cartoon thing, and I’m gonna post it on such and such date.” Because, you silly person, you know that your time management skills are horrible, and then you’re all pressured and whatnot, and you’ve got a little person all worried that you’re gonna compare her to some horrible cartoon character. So then you have to throw out all the funniest ones because you promised that you would be nice (which you WILL be). Plus, you have NO IDEA what your crazy friend Helen is thinking, and you start second guessing what you originally thought was pretty brilliant. But I digress…

Okay, chatty blogger gal pals, this one’s for you:

Did you see the movie Sybil? Do you remember the final scene where Sally Field and Paul Newman’s wife were sitting by the tree and all Sybil’s personalities come out one by one from behind the tree? There was one personality in particular, I can’t remember which one it was, I just remember the line. Sybil says, “Of everyone, I think I will miss you most of all.” Or maybe that was Judy Garland to the scarecrow in “The Wizard of Oz”. I’m not sure…I’m really goofy tired right now. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, here’s the thing: If Hey Look a Chicken was Sybil or Judy Garland in Oz, and I was speaking for HLAC (and why wouldn’t I?), I would say that line to Helen. I love all my bloggity gal pals, but Helen is special, and I mean that in the best possible way. She just “gets” me, and that’s no small accomplishment. Plus, comparatively speaking, her and I go way back. Okay, sorry. I just wanted to put that out there.

Helen from Random Musings as Jessica Rabbit

(Okay, sorry…inside joke.)

For real this time:

Helen from Random Musings as

Dory from “Finding Nemo”

Yes, she’s incredibly random, so much so that she actually understands my humor even at its very weirdest. And she often steals the show, because she’s just that funny. But the most endearing thing about Dory (Helen), is that she genuinely cares for people, she is a loyal friend, she sees the good in people (do you remember the scene with the sharks?), and she is forgiving and humble. “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!”

Okay, here’s an easy one. Who’s this?:

Yes. That’s right. It’s every one’s favorite pretend counselor, Dear Gabby. She also goes by the name Sherri, and several other personalities yet to surface. She’s actually pretty amusing, but if you were wondering whether to click on the crisis hot line website or Dear Gabby, I would choose Option A.

And speaking of Sherri,
Sherri at Matter of Fact as….

Okay, seriously. You could fill a Macy’s parade with all the stuff I came up with. I’ll get to the real one is a sec, but I’m gonna put just a couple out there:

Marie from The Aristocrats and (of course) Smurfette:

Incidentally, there are some VERY WEIRD PEOPLE out there with some pretty disturbing smurf fetishes. So, there’s my little public service announcement – from me to you.

AHEM! Sherri at Matter of Fact as Lucy (as in “I Love Lucy”, not Peanuts. But don’t think that one didn’t cross my mind, too!)

Obvious similarities: Red hair, silly, funny, Lucille Ball (in later years) had a whiskey voice, Sherri (I’m told) has a whiskey voice. Paralells: Lucy was always trying to be in Desi’s show, Sherri includes Big Al in her show, Lucy had a smart aleck friend, Sherri has LOTS of smart aleck friends, Desi was the singer, Sherri is the singer, Sherri is short, Lucy was not short. Okay, that’s all I’ve got for specifics. But I see more of a “big picture” comparison here. Is it just me? (See Sherri? I told you I’d be nice.) Plus, the whole Lucy/Gabby/Lucy/Sherri thing worked out pretty good, huh?

Okay, people! Am I right, or am I right? Young girl travels to faraway places and champions a cause. Eliza seeks to protect and save the lives of animals, Mare works to protect and save the lives of the people of Nigeria. (I’m not quite sure where the snarky sister, weird little brother and the fully clothed, talking monkey fit in, but still.)

Annie from Buzz by Annie’s as Sandy the Squirrel from “Spongebob Squarepants”:

Annie/Sandy: Devoted friend, smart, funny, unafraid, tough, yet still feminine. Very sweet and kind, but doesn’t care for a bunch of whiny, sissy crap. Okay, I think I like that one…a lot!
I had to be careful here. Because anything I project on to Steph, is going to apply to me too, because personality wise, we are freakishly alike. She cracks me up. Which is weird, because we both crack ourselves up. Sorry, where was I?
Steph at the Red Clay Diaries as 1) Junie B. Jones

Really…right? But unless you have kids who read Junie B. Jones, you probably won’t get the comparison (except maybe the glasses and the red hair). But I think I’ve come up with a pretty good comparison who is more widely recognized: 2) Flo from the Progressive Insurance Commercials:
Steph/Flo: Textbook example of the Sanguine/Expressive Personality Profile. I hope you like this comparison, Steph. I think it’s pretty awesome!

I’m not going to lie. Of all the comparisons I’ve done so far, this next one is my absolute favorite. Having said that, it would be impossible to capture the comparison with just a picture. No, no…a video is an absolute must! May I present my very favorite geeky church planter chick and my very favorite cartoon character of all time:

Beth of That’s Not Me Anymore as Bessie Higginbottom from “The Mighty B”

I would like to say for the record, that the original video I posted was approximately 89% more awesome that the one here, but Viacom pulled it. But still. Bessie Rocks! And so does Beth! In case you’ve never seen an episode of the Mighty B, go to, they have full episodes. Beth/Bessie has a heart of gold, and is not afraid to “Get her Geek on!” Go B’s, Go B’s!

According to my strict, self-imposed schedule, I’m supposed to be posting the SCL all star commenters. But dude…I’m tired. I’ll post them next time, I promise!

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12 Responses to “Cartoon Bloggers Part 5”

  1. Annie K January 23, 2009 at 9:07 am #

    >Fabulous Katdish! And now, Helen can do a sigh of relief and I can go lift weights. Any sissies wanna join me? ha!

  2. Steph at The Red Clay Diaries January 23, 2009 at 9:15 am #

    >Those were all great!

    As for mine, I think it might even be better than a New Year’s noisemaker (on which to compose my magnum opus)… or a tricked-out new nametag.

    (That was my random contribution. I crack myself up.)

  3. sherri January 23, 2009 at 9:34 am #

    >I love Lucy!

    You were surprisingly NOT mean!

    We should print these out and make little keepsake booklets, and have each other sign them at our Union in the summer!

    And for the record…it’s a whiskey drinking SOUNDING voice. Not a whiskey voice. (I’ll never get another gospel singin’ gig if you’re tellin’ people I have a whiskey voice!

  4. Helen January 23, 2009 at 9:54 am #

    >I’m all verklempt. I love you too, Katdish. You are the first person ever to understand my feelings about how life should be like musicals. Thank you.

    Woohoo! I’m Dory!.

  5. Beth January 23, 2009 at 10:21 am #

    >Ok, so now that I don’t work at the youth center, I don’t get my daily dose of Nick and I had never heard of The Mighty B!!! I know! So of course I had to go to and do lots of research. Which I think is exactly what Bessie would do…. Love it. Even better is her Scout uniform since I used to work for them. I need to tell you about the time I had to wear a girl scout uniform while pregnant. That show is hilarious, by the way.

    And everyone else’s were right on!!

  6. Beth January 23, 2009 at 11:29 am #

    >By the way…quit stealing pictures of me from Facebook!

  7. katdish January 23, 2009 at 4:43 pm #

    >Well, I was trying to wait for Mare, but may I just say…

    WHEW! I’m glad I didn’t offend anyone.

    Incidentally, when we all meet up, I’m gonna show ya’ll the ones that I didn’t post, and we will Laaaaugh! Oh, how we will laugh! Sherri might stomp her tiny little feet a little, but still…

    And Beth – how do you know I got that picture off of Facebook? I’ve got connections everywhere!

  8. Mare January 23, 2009 at 6:19 pm #

    >aaahhh fantastic. you truly are gifted katdish. after each one i thought to myself, “it’s true!!!” hahaha.

    not at my computer much lately. miss you gals! =(

  9. Matt @ The Church of No People January 23, 2009 at 10:37 pm #

    >Those were pretty sweet. But you’re breaking my heart, telling me my blog is too crowded for you! I just have a lot of very generous commenters, but they really do make up the majority of my readers. And half those people are just aliases I paid my friends to make up and write comments with!

  10. Ryan B January 24, 2009 at 1:09 am #

    >Hey Katdish! I’ve seen your comments everywhere (SCL, Church of No People, Random Musings, etc.) and after seeing that you made Helen Dory from Finding Nemo I decided that I must now start reading your blog due to it’s total awesomeness. I look forward to checking out more!

  11. heartafire January 25, 2009 at 11:51 pm #

    >These are so awesome.

    You truly have a gift.

    (A dark gift……but a gift, nonetheless.)

    Your running commentary along with the comparisons reminds me of Jen over at Cakewrecks. though the cakes are a really funny part, it’s her commentary that is the hook….and yours is the same.

  12. heartafire January 25, 2009 at 11:53 pm #

    >Now I’m all sad after reading all the comments from your true blue blogger friends. I don’t have a blog. (sniff)
    I barely have time to read and comment on all the blogs I love.

    But will you still be my friend?

    Love, A really sweet person who is almost as funny as you.

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