Flippin’ Sweet!

First things first: Do you know what happened on this day in history, February 10, 1996? If you’re a big chess fan then
a) you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog, and
b) you would know that IBM’s Deep Blue defeated chess champion Gary Kasparov.

But another very important, life changing event happened on this date. I married the love of my life. I know people always say stuff like this, but I mean it when I say that I don’t know where I would be without him. Or maybe I do and I just don’t want to think about something so depressing. Without him, I doubt that I would have stepped through the doors of a church again. Can you imagine how completely unbearable I would be if I didn’t have a relationship with Jesus? For this reason and countless others, I am quite literally eternally grateful for my husband. I love you, dear. This is for you:Okay, so I realize that it’s almost Valentine’s Day and whatnot, but I just now figured out how to make a movie with my very favorite Christmas gift, my new flip video camera! I’d never even heard of it before I opened it on Christmas eve. Here are three movies I’ve just created. George Lucas, eat your heart out!

Here’s me opening another one of my favorite gifts. And yes, my family IS that loud and obnoxious all of the time, so I come by it naturally.

(My son can barely contain his excitement at the thought of his mom taking over the Wii. And yes, those are the infamous plumber’s crack jeans.)

Now, here’s a gift for my son from Grampa (thanks, Dad):

And because I’m a proud mama, here’s my son Cameron knocking the snot out of a golf ball:

Yeah, he’s 11 years old, and he’s a REALLY good golfer. How far does he drive the ball? Consistently over 200 yards. (I know, I know…I’m bragging.) But still, pretty cool, huh?

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