Bon Qui Qui, private emails, and thinly veiled threats of violence

I jumped in a conversation this week between @JeanneDamoff and @redclaydiaries about Bon Qui Qui, who I think is hilarious. But it occurred to me that some of you might not know who Bon Qui Qui is. Hence the above video. It’s a wonder I was even on the twitter at all this week considering the barrage of multiple recepient emails flying back and forth, but I managed quite a few tweets somehow. Many of these tweets will reference one such email, so they will only make sense to those people on the email list. But as I’ve said in the past, this post is primarily for my own enjoyment. Because as you know, I crack myself up. So there you go…

The best (or not) of me on the twitter this week:

@RachelleGardner Shhhhh!!!!! She can read you know! Besides, she won. White cake, orange frosting.

My daughter wants to bake a cake. My attempts to convince her of the superiority of store bought cakes have failed.


RT @marni71: @katdish @weightwhat @HerbieGookins @ redclaydiaries. Sherri just emailed us. She said Big Al is bored stiff. TWSS.

So, how do the google ads in the sidebar work? How is it that there’s an ad that says “Don’t eat me piggy t-shirts?”

@HerbieGookins If you get Mike Rowe to come to your house, you’d better find some room for me, too…

Sherri spreads lies and half-truths about her friends for all the world to see:

@lizzyarmentrout of course I have. I’m the administrator of it. One blog many contributors. Like a Mensa think tank, okay nothing like that.

Do you read the smartypants blog? It’s influence must be growing.

@Brian_Russell Sigh…that made me laugh.

RT @Brian_Russell: You know you’re grumpy when you get angry at your flagrant use of “yah” instead of “yeah” in an IM conversation.


Whoa…I just got Rick rolled by @weightwhat ‘s blog.

Okay, sheesh! Gotta lay down some wisdom in the comments section. Who wrote a post today?

@PrairieLady Oh, I’ve scared him off for now. Which is good. He’s got work to do.

@billycoffey Run, but you can’t hide…

RT @weightwhat: @billycoffey Are you sure @katdish isn’t omnipresent? //I knew you were going to say that…

@marni71 @billycoffey. uh-huh…I see how you are. Can you endure the wrath of @katdish?

@billycoffey I think one half samuri trumps one quarter Cherokee. Just saying.

@billycoffey don’t you get sassy with me young man! I’ll go samuri on you!

@billycoffey i’m at the dentist’s office. I can’t keep up. What the heck are y’all talking about? Gaaa!

@redclaydiaries Get your mind out of the gutter. And yes, that email conversation was delightful, no?

@marni71 Well dang. Now I’m hungry, and I don’t have any bananas or nuts….

@redclaydiaries You should have a Big Al smoothie.

@CandySteele She’ll never see your tweet. She can’t even figure out how to get on the twitter!

Everyone please follow @gabbysherri It may take awhile before she refollows, because she forgot her user name.

@buzzbyannies I wonder how many typos she could make in 140 characters or less.

@CandySteele @buzzbyannies We might just get Sherri on the twitter after all…

@buzzbyannies Hmm….I dunno I think it might be Al right to mention it.

@buzzbyannies @CandySteele Good Morning! What’s for breakfast? (Snort!)

@weightwhat Platonic bathing incident…

@marni71 @weightwhat Go check the email…

@PeterPollock I ALWAYS go there…

@tremendousnews So basically, what you’re saying is that you have hair where monkeys don’t?

RT @br8kthru: @katdish besides if anyone knows disturbing, it’s me.//Yeah, you’re all up in disturbing…

@br8kthru Judge not, lest you be judged.

RT @godhasablog: @katdish Jiminy Cripple? //BA! HA! HA!

@br8kthru Ahhh, that’s the beauty of twitter. Sometimes it makes no sense at all.

@marni71 We should market our butt fat to skinny lipped celebrities.

Dear @godhasablog – what DO you call a grasshopper with one leg?

@marni71 I figured people would be googling your lips. Who did them anyway?

@marni71 Did you notice that someone is googling your sunglasses?

@godhasablog thanks be to you for leaving a comment on my blog. Ask and ye shall receive…

@RachelleGardner Congrats! You now represent at least 2 potential best selling novelists.

This cat is pushing a watermelon out of a lake. Your argument is invalid:

Okay, people! My kids need haircuts. Be back later to enhance all your lives thru the power of social media.

@PuriChristos Okay, Nick. Let me finish writing my smartypants opus first. Gotta go!

@indymavs You’re welcome. Now don’t unfollow me or I will publicly berate you via the twitter.

@CandySteele I’m channeling Sherri through my recipe emails.

50. RT @br8kthru: @katdish I told her, Jesus took away my shame. // You have the spiritual gift of sarcasm. I dig that

RT @redclaydiaries: @br8kthru @katdish @weightwhat OH DEAR GOD. WHAT HAVE U DONE TO PETER?! HAVE YOU NO SHAME? //Of course we don’t.

@oliveshoot You can’t just tweet “poop in my dryer” and then leave it at that. We need follow up.

@marni71 So you just jump on the twitter and announce your dinner? I’m fine, thank you.

@BridgetChumbley I’m not sure where @billycoffey is. Probably hunting garbage can bears.

@br8kthru @weightwhat Again…NOT MY FAULT.

Can I be honest? I have absolutely no interest in the comings and goings of Lady Ga Ga.

RT @shrinkingcamel: @katdish Oh boy, here we go. Where’s the spanking machine at? //Snort!

@shrinkingcamel You’re still following me, aren’t you Bradley?

@br8kthru Why do I suddenly have the urge to watch The Muppet Show?

RT @br8kthru: @peterpollock Beauty has a new name: Peterlyn Monroe (please don’t hate me) //That ain’t right!

RT @br8kthru: @PeterPollock @katdish @jeanneDamoff okay give me a minute and we’ll be ready to roll… (warning: it has bosoms)

@PeterPollock @br8kthru @JeanneDamoff I’m giddy with anticipation…

RT @br8kthru: @JeanneDamoff and the enough-knowledge-of-photoshop-to-morph-a-picture set

@PeterPollock Mwha-ha-ha!

@PeterPollock Since when do I have any power? I am but a meek and lowly homemaker.

@PeterPollock @br8kthru I would just like to go on the record as saying this was not my fault. That is all. Carry on.

@joannesher What’s another word for synonym?

@PeterPollock I just got a VERY BAD VISUAL of you Peter!

@JeanneDamoff You’re so eloquent in your sarcasm…

@JeanneDamoff Scurvy is really not an area of expertise for @redclaydiaries. She is, however, an expert on multiple laundry baskets.

@redclaydiaries Scurvy? In response to what?

@katdish Not that I care…(sniff, sniff)

@redclaydiaries I can’t believe I missed a conversation with @godhasablog Who, BTW has not commented on my blog for some time now.

@JeanneDamoff Ahhh…sometimes I just can’t help myself. Okay, most of the time.

@JeanneDamoff He’s better than a multi-vitaman? Yes, reading @billycoffey doesn’t make your pee stink

@JeanneDamoff Yay! I saw your comment on FB via email yesterday, but then I got distra….Oooo! Shiny

Time to cut and paste a blog post…

Time to go write a blog post. Oh, wait…tomorrow’s Monday. @billycoffey wrote a blog post.

@Brian_Russell Yeah, yeah…everyone’s a critic.

Or should I say Leonardo Da Vinci?

Lee-da-nardo Da Finka (This is how my daughter pronouces Leonardo Da Vanci.

@CandySteele Perhaps you misplaced them in the corn.

I am being sass talked via direct messaging.8:34 PM Aug 16th from TweetDeck

I will now go attempt to lull them to sleep with a lullaby. If that fails, I’ll threaten to take away all electronic media.

My kids start school in a week. They both slept until 11:00 am on Saturday morning. Me thinks we need to set a new bed time.

@CandySteele Nah, I lived in Charlotte, NC. Race tracks don’t scare me. Mostly John Cougar Mellencamp.

@CandySteele Don’t threaten me with corn, Candy. @HerbieGookins has tried to scare me with Indiana. I will not be silenced!

@marni71 Do you think Iowa can handle the both of us? Texas, yes. The other states? Not so sure…

@marni71 I find it amusing that @MattTCoNP is pimping his blog via the twitter. You know, the thing he swore he’d never be on?

Yet another interview with @billycoffey. That guy is EVERYWHERE!

They say the eyes are the windows to a person’s soul. I say their DM’s are…

Because mastering the game of corn hole isn’t enough for @pwilson:

If you want a refollow, then tweet something interesting. I don’t even have to agree with you.

@emptynestegg There’s a fine line between appealing and appalling, no?

Why do people keep following me, then unfollowing me, then following me again? Make up your mind already!

@arlenesg And can someone really get too big for their bitches?

@arlenesg Um…was that a typo in that last tweet? Read it again. (snort)

So…I’m looking thru some of @prodigaljohn ‘s posts , and someone referred to @purichristos (Nick the Geek) as Nick the Nerd (BA HA HA!)

RT @br8kthru: @weightwhat it’s just misunderstood that’s all. It wants to know what love is. It wants you to show it…

RT @pwilson: @katdish I can’t believe you doubt me. I’ll show you.//You don’t need to play well – look at Alanis Morrisette. She’s awful

By a show of hands, how many people think @pwilson will actually learn to play the harmonica?

Where are the men folk? I feel the need to make someone uncomfortable.

@weightwhat That br8kdish was the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen. Who knew 2 such fabulous looking people could look so bad?

@Helenatrandom You’re not dissing Agatha Christie are you? Ah will cut you…

@redclaydiaries Yes, and then wrap your body in the snuggie.

@JeanneDamoff For the record, I was NOT threatening to cut Steph, just whoever was lurking. She was my ride.

@JeanneDamoff Did Steph write a post? Look! Flying pigs!

@redclaydiaries Ah am not tryin tah fight you. There wount be no fight. Ain’t that right Da-wayne?

@redclaydiaries Ah will still cut you… @BonQuiQui #madeuptwitternames

@buzzbyannies That’s not crap…uh, well…What-ev!

@buzzbyannies Sorry. You know I’m anti-crap.

#FF Follow @billycoffey so you can say you followed him before he was famous.

As always…Sorry/You’re welcome!

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