Thankful for the Twitter

You would think with getting my house ready for guests and Thanksgiving, I wouldn’t have much time to be on the twitter. And you would be wrong…

The best of me (or not) on the twitter:

@PeterPollock Wow. I think you’ve been hanging around me too long. Either that or you’ve been hitting the box wine early. (in reply to @katdish well… @DaleChumbley managed to RT it… but I guess it takes a man to skillfully shorten a tweet!)

@PeterPollock Thanks Peter. I would RT it, but it’s too many characters.

We haven’t eaten yet! I’m so hungry, I could eat my own cooking…

@CandySteele The goose is arriving in a couple of hours. Year 44 of NOT cooking a turkey and counting.

@Helenatrandom “beef tongue” and “delightful” should never be used together in a sentence.

@Helenatrandom Bet @bryanallain isn’t THAT hungry…

RT @Helenatrandom: @bryanallain I have a great recipe for beef tongue…//GAAAAAA!!!!!

@bryanallain When are you NOT hungry, Bryan?

Also known as the “McKnuckle” RT @MattTCoNP: Just as I’m starting to have some self esteem, McDonald’s announces McRib is back!

Gotta go walk the dog. (Not a euphemism)

@MattTCoNP Oh, Matt. You always sound grumpy.

@MattTCoNP Good morning, Matt! Getting your grump on early this morning?

RT @joannamuses: RT @FakeAPStylebook: For balance, Thanksgiving articles should also contain quotes from devastated turkey families.

@CandySteele Answer: “And I get to use my offset spatula”. Question: Name a phrase katdish would never say.

RT @marni71: @prodigaljohn dude, dial down your freak magnet.

Oh wait. Let me poke them with a stick. They love that.

Fire ants in November. Try not to be jealous.

@sarahmsalter oh Sarah, you’re such a girl. (in reply to @katdish EEEEWWWWW!)

@PuriChristos it was already dead. But I did chop up a big one with a riding lawn mower once. It was awesome. Thunk, thunk, THUNK! (in reply to @katdish What did you do?)

Dead baby snake

Merry Christmas Buddy Love!

Note to self: You are too old to sit criss-cross applesauce for long periods of time.

Or is that “blogging”? I’m so confused…

Now I gotta go back to “writing”…

I’m off to get a haircut then see about renting a bulldozer to clean my kids’ rooms.

@JeanneDamoff Snort! (in reply to @katdish @heathersunseri @billeycoffey The Dread Pirate Coffey works, but I have dibs on The Dread Pirate Roberta. (I also have the pants.)

@billycoffey What about The Dread Pirate Coffey?

@HeatherSunseri Biff, huh? Well, whatever you do, don’t call him Bill.

@HeatherSunseri He’s a fancy redneck.

@JeanneDamoff Just the shoes. I can’t tell you where the witch is until the statutes of limitations has expired. (in reply to @katdish Does your dead potted plant wear red polka-dotted shoes? Or did it land on the wicked witch of the west? Mysteries abound.)


Having company this week. Guess I should put a new plant on the front porch.

@marni71 I know. Everyone wants to support “your vision”, just as long as you do it their way.

@Helenatrandom My Sweet Helen! How I’ve missed you!

@CandySteele Who me? Never. But I come from a long line of squeaky, loud, obnoxious wheels. (in reply to @katdish you say that like you have experience.)

@redclaydiaries Remember: Squeaky, loud, obnoxious wheel! (in reply to @sarahmsalter @katdish @CandySteele @billycoffey et al, I’m ok w snakes &/or spiders. Hi & Bye. Off to see doctor. AGAIN. C U l8r)

@sarahmsalter Has Charlotte’s Web taught us nothing?

For those of you put off by the picture on my post today, be glad I didn’t post this one:

@PuriChristos The monkey spider airplane tweet.

@PuriChristos What the heck are you talking about? Did you forget your meds this morning?

@redclaydiaries It was the grocery store sushi references I’m sure.

@redclaydiaries and Belgium of course…

@redclaydiaries Well that explains why I’ve only had two hits from China! They love me in Japan!

@PeterPollock Snort! Good one… (in reply to @katdish Aww, you haven’t called me that in a while!)

@PeterPollock Oh, shut up. You know what I’m talking about. (in reply to @katdish What time machine book has your daughter read?)

@JanetOber The only thing you should eat from a gas station is a fried burrito with ketchup, and then only from Allsups.

@PeterPollock Everytime I mention “the book”, my daughter says, Oooo! The time machine book? I LOVE that book!

@PeterPollock Well, they do share a fondness for black cowboy hats.

@PeterPollock Who is Trace Adkins?

RT @PeterPollock: My daughter just saw a picture of Trace Adkins and asked “Is that @billycoffey?”

@unmarketing Well then, I’m doing it right. (in reply to @katdish by not asking people to validate their existence)

@unmarketing so how do you do it right? (in reply to If ur using TrueTwit validation to make ppl verify they’re a real person, ur doing it wrong. And ur unfollowed now)

@sarahmsalter it’s not that I can’t cook, I just don’t like to. If it was up to me we would eat sandwiches all the time.

@CandySteele I’m too lazy to do that. I don’t like chopping stuff either. Or cooking. I’m pretty much worthless in the kitchen.

“these French fries taste like salty potatoes.” – my daughter

@RobinMArnold her teacher said she knew something was up when she asked her how to spell diarrhea.

@noveldoctor Ooo! Can I be one of your minions? I’ll have family over, but they’ll be in a tryptophan coma by 3ish… (in reply to FYI: While everyone in America is tripping on tryptophan next Thurs, I’m plotting a takeover of Twitter.

@br8kthru I wouldn’t know… (in reply to @katdish neither does being humble. 🙂

@llbarkat being right never gets old.

RT @llbarkat: Well @katdish will be happy about the cover. Hoping you will be too

@HeatheroftheEO I’m been hearing that a lot lately. But I know better…YOU CAIN’T QUIT ME!

RT @redclaydiaries: @katdish GET OFF MY BACK. Thank you. //Just trying to help you help me.

@redclaydiaries My inbox is seriously lacking in an email from you…

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