Special Barbies

As a sort of celebration for the release of Marcus Goodyear’s new book of poetry (to take a peek yourself, click here ), several bloggers were invited to participate a writing project. There’s also a contest going on over at Tweetspeak Poetry.

The topic? Barbies. Having played with Barbies myself and now a mom with a daughter of my own who also owned her fair share, I felt it was a topic I could run with. So, here’s my take on Barbies:

Although they’re all stored away in the attic now, my daughter has quite a large collection of Barbies. Do a Google image search of “Barbies” and you will likely find:

Princess Barbies

Doctor Barbies

Mermaid Barbies

High School Musical Barbies

Camp Rock Barbies

Movie Star Barbies

Hannah Montana Barbies

Surfer Barbies

Astronaut Barbies

Heck, there’s even a President Barbie (God help us.)

Each one looking so very special and unique sitting on the shelf in the toy aisle. Each acquisition a “must have” around Christmas and birthdays. Some sing a recorded song, some are dancing ballerinas. Some have a gorgeous Malibu tan, others come equipped with a stethoscope and a clipboard. Still others come bejeweled with lavish earrings and equally lavish evening gowns. A new Barbie takes center stage in the life of a little girl.

But you know what? When all is said and done; when little girls outgrow their love of all things Barbie. All those doctors, movie stars, princesses and presidents look very much the same…

When they’re all piled up lying naked in a box.

Feel free to draw your own analogies…

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