Katdishionary Part 9

I can hardly believe this is the 9th installment of the never-ending series of blog fodder known as the katdishionary. As I mentioned in my last installment, all previous katdishionary words are compiled for your convenience on the tab marked “katdishionary”. Um, except the last installment of words.

Hey…I’m busy.

And now, on with the katdishionary:

Decrapification (pronounced de-cra-pi-fi-ka-shun)

Definition: The process of purging a space of a bunch of crap you don’t need.

Origin: After months of allowing birthday party goody bags and happy meal trinket collections, et al, through my front door and into my children’s rooms, I had had enough.

Example: “My daughter’s room has reached critical mass. Let the decrapification process begin!”

grumpy ho (pronounced grum-p-ho)

Definition: slang term for someone who is often cranky, but simultaneously delightful.

Origin: Jake from Very Much Later. The original grumpy ho.

Example: “Jake Lee is my favorite grumpy ho.”

Lethargeriffic(pronounced le-thar-ja-rif-fic)

Definition: the condition of being perfectly lazy.

Origin: Brian Russell made it up on the twitter in hopes of making it into the katdishionary update more than once (see nerdgasm). A coveted distinction, to be sure. Or not.

Example: “Earlier this year, I watched the first five seasons of Lost in as many weeks, including some days when I never changed out of my pajamas. It was truly a lethargeriffic experience!”

Rectoretinitis (pronounced rek-tor-re-tin-ni-tus)

Definition: When the nerves in your eyes get crossed with the nerves in your butt causing you have a crappy outlook on life.

Origin: Candy Steele, RN and a co-worker created this diagnosis when looking for legitimate reasons for people being so difficult to work with.

Candy Steele circa 1981

“After 20 years of working for the U. S. Postal Service, Newman had a severe case of rectoretinitis.”

Vurp (pronounced verp)

Definition: a more expediant way of communicating “I just threw up in my mouth a little.”

Origin: My initial reaction after learning of Helen at Random Musing’s fondness for head cheese.

Example: “Wait…you actually eat head cheese? Vurp!”

This concludes this edition of the katdishionary. Keeps those cards and letters coming!

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