My lousy excuse for a blog post

I’m in Dallas for the Echo Conference. I’m pretty sure it’s about Church Media. Or echoes. Or both…

Anyhoo, since I was driving most of the day, I don’t really have much to offer you, so I thought I’d share some interesting facts about myself. You’re welcome.

Fact: I got the world’s worst pedicure yesterday. The nail salon was really dark and kinda seedy. I’m pretty sure that’s an eyelash painted into my big toe:

Fact: My right ear is double pierced. When I was in junior high, I thought it would be a good idea to numb my ear with ice and then poke a hole in my earlobe with a large sewing needle. For the record, I don’t recommend doing this.

Fact: I’ve had a mole on my middle finger for as long as I can remember. When I was in school, sometimes I got bored (shocking, I know), and I would pretend my hand was an anteater.

Fact: I had a little free time yesterday afternoon when I got to my hotel room.

I’ll probably be posting some riveting, informative information about stuff I observe at the Echo Conference this week. Stay tuned…

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