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Showered, hair dried, dressed and ready to tackle my long list of errands. My kids are even dressed and ready to accompany me. An unusually productive start to our usual lazy summer days of late.

I ask my son to accompany the dog outside to take care of business before we crate him and head out the door. (Crate the dog, that is. Not my son. Just saying.)

As soon as I hear the back door open, I hear something else—loud booming thunder, followed by the sounds of large raindrops hitting my office window.

The dog will not pee in the rain. Trust me when I tell you, it’s just not going to happen. He’s stubborn like that.

I now have a decision to make.

Do I crate the dog anyway and run errands in the pouring rain, or do I use this inclement weather as an excuse to get nothing done?

A few hours later…

Today, I chose not to give in to a convenient excuse. A little rain didn’t stop me from the tasks I needed to accomplish. A small victory, but a victory none the less. I fought The Resistance.

I have the ability to procrastinate just about anything I don’t want to do, and even some things I do want to do. But putting things off doesn’t make them go away. And more often than not, completing that task I avoid is far less stressful than knowing that it’s been left undone yet another day.

What are you putting off today?

Better yet, what are you going to tackle today instead of giving in to procrastination?


The Kindness Club

Some of you may remember, and may have even participated in, something called The Ten Dollar Challenge. It was the brain child of Billy Coffey. The idea was to share your blessings during the Christmas season in small ways–committing small, random acts of kindness that might impact people in big ways.

I recently found out about something called The Kindness Club hosted by Susie over at New Day New Lesson. Each week, she provides a writing prompt to encourage us to practice acts of kindness all year round and then share our experiences through either writing a post, leaving a comment, and leaving a link back to your blog.

This week’s prompt is: Do something nice for a neighbor.

I invite you to visit there today and every week for a new prompt.

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