The legend continues, Part Two

Yesterday, thanks to the keen eye and observation skills of undercover photographer and reporter Darlene, aka A Simple Country Girl, I was able to break the story of a possible PCB sighting. In case you missed it, you can get up to speed by reading The legends continues, Part One here.

This story continues to evolve, and to be honest, it’s been a bit of emotional roller coaster of highs and lows for this blogger. Below you will find the results of Darlene’s second trip into Walla Walla wine country:

My official/initial BBB findings:

Apparently BBB has been relocated to wine country. His new dwelling place is a large store-front window. Interestingly there are two sets of doors. The first of which are locked shut and covered from the inside with hoards of white paper painted with oddball faces, hence the name you see on the glass door, Walla Faces. Also, BBB doesn’t seem to mind that those paintings reflect on his window, making him appear to be wearing a checkered skirt of sorts.

Upon inspecting his face, he looks happy and content.

His shoes look slightly worn, but no toes stick through (unlike his pants) his footwear.

And in trying to get a glimpse of his bunnage, I had to smash my face up against the window pane and peer between the wall and the strategically placed poster. Gasp! He had the vertical crack we are born with, but (uh, no pun, well, just a little one) he had amassed (oh behave!) a horizontal crack as well. Bare Buns Butler now sported an apparent wooden waiter anomaly with 4 sets of buns. I wonder, had he moved from Texas to Washington in order to escape any negative talk about his unfortunate cracking-up? Anyway, I could not get a shot of his backside because of my zoom lens. I was prepared for incognito shooting from across the street, not this person-to-person close-up action I was fortunate enough to encounter.

Much to my dismay, my son said two men were watching us from the inside of the store. And when we came back several minutes of later, he peeked under the Walla Faces poster and the men were there, apparently waiting for us. (After I made some keen observations, we ran off and then drove off in the Dodge.) We managed to make an interesting discovery, half of the building was empty, save for rows of chairs facing the opposite wall. Perhaps they were preparing for a meeting about BBB and whether or not crack caulking was in his wooden future? Or perhaps BBB was going to serve wine at an artsty-fartsy gathering? This is going to remain a mystery as we skeddadled on home.

From the blocked windows and the face paintings and the bottles of wine, I was not able to ascertain whether it was a winery storefront or an art gallery. Either way, BBB seems to be right at home with his tray of wine and lack of cheese. Hence the name change. Oh my, I just had a thought, what if he is actually an identical twin to PCB? I heard there has been an increase in oddball twins.

As an aside, look at the last two images I took in another storefront window. Is that Big Bird? (I never have been much of a Sesame Street fan.)

And what is with the dude’s eyeballs? Has he always looked like that? Perhaps he really, really misses Sesame Street and does not like Main Street at all. I reckon he is not thrilled with the store sign he is forced to hold.

Yes, “Hot Poop” is the name of the store. This town is beginning to freak me out a little bit…

Having read her report and seen the pictures with my own eyes, I’m inclined to believe that this is not, in fact, my beloved Pornographic Cheese Butler, because this guy appears to be wearing pants. But who knows? Perhaps pants have been provided for him. Tomorrow, I will share with you a transcript of an actual interview obtained by our intrepid roving reporter. Prepare yourselves. The findings are quite shocking…

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