Eight women sit together Sunday evening
I know all by name, but most not much more than that
Tonight’s topic? Wounds.

We watch the DVD.
I see women on the screen as they share past hurts
And while these are real women with real hurts
I am largely unaffected
These are strangers to me

I wonder if I’ll be willing to share any part of my story
when we turn off the DVD.
I’m expecting awkward silence

But instead, the woman in the group I know best
shares something I never knew
I marvel at her courage
because knowing her as I do
I understand how difficult the sharing must be

One by one we each share something painful from our pasts

I see my own past hurts mirrored in other stories
Not the same scenarios so much
as the weight they’ve carried
because they’ve seen themselves
as damaged goods
unworthy somehow
of their heart’s desires

I say a silent prayer
I ask God to help them see themselves
for who they are
and worth fighting for

Dare I ask Him
to help me see
the same in me?

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