Understanding honor

Like many 13 year old boys, my son plays video games. Much to my dismay, most of them are somewhat violent, and we’ve gone round and round about what is appropriate and what isn’t. The games he is allowed to play (and honestly, the only ones he’s interested in) are military games. We’ve discussed at length the difference between warfare and gratuitous violence. He’s a smart kid and I honestly think he understands the difference.

More recently, he has told us that he wants to enter the military after high school. And while the mother in me is wary of that, I’m also proud of him. My heart tells me he understands the concept of honor; that there are some things worth fighting for. Even dying for.

Then I found this poem he wrote in the 4th grade, which I’ve posted here before. Yes, I think he understands.

I am William B. Travis
I wonder when this war will end
I hear screams of dead men
I see death
I want this war to end
I am William B. Travis
I pretend I am not here
I feel confident
I touch my rifle
I worry I might die
I cry to God I will be alive
I am William B. Travis
I understand that I must do my duty
I say I want freedom
I dream that I will see my family again
I try not to worry
I hope this war will end soon
I am William B. Travis

Today is Veteran's Day. Take time to say thank you to someone who has served their country and remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

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