Spam by any other name

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I probably get an average of about 150 spam comments per day. Some days more, some less. Fortunately, the spam filter catches them all, but I thought it was sort of a shame that these hard working spam bots never get their chance at publication here on my blog.

Why, some of them are downright poetic:

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Superior Knowledges by Independent Geneva Escorts

Are grateful for present superior knowledges
Your website is definitely fine
I am stunned at the data you which you have
Within this blogging site
That proves exactly how you have this target

Saved as a favorite, these pages
Will come back for further
We, my buddy
Are a blast!

I discovered, merely, the material
I undoubtedly checked pretty much everywhere
And just couldn’t search for it

College thinks
Fantastic web-site!

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праститутки модели by HEWTEEDIADIAF

астраханские проститутки фото
порно проститутки трансы питера
толстые проститутки сургута
проститутки лангепас
объявления проституток на орск ru

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Download movies torrent (A haiku by River Darkness)

To watch a movie
Download movies torrent films
Download the movie

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Thanks for Lunch by Tory Burch Handbags

Excellent read
Just passed it on to a colleague
He actually bought me lunch
Because I found it for him (Smile)
So let me rephrase that
Thanks for lunch!

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Guide to dating women by Aletlepen

He also praised supporting cast
Guide to dating women
A secretary is an administrative assistant
Dating fender amplifier
Business office administration
Lemon tonic dating service

And in pacing a song,
Beautiful dating people site
Dylan pauses at certain points, so as to
Lemon tonic dating service
Make two syllables occupy time and space
Guide to dating women
That in the basic scheme of things will be
Native American dating sites
Expected to be occupied by four syllables
Guide to dating women

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Stay on Topic by Spectral DC

Can we get back on topic please?
Everything seems to have gotten off the subject.
Some of these comments are unbelievable.

(Okay, that one could actually be a real comment.)

So how about you? Have any interesting spam comments lately?

Winners of the #NoMoreBlogger giveaway will be announced tomorrow!

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