Words with friends: An idiot’s guide, Part 5: Know your opponent

Celebrity Words with Friends enthusiast, Alec Baldwin

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(Sorry/You’re welcome).

As the name of the game would suggest, I play with friends. At any given time, I’ve got games going with my husband, both of my sisters, my 14 year old son, a friend or two from church and a plethora of Twitter buddies.

On the rare occasion I’m challenged by a random opponent, I typically play the game and neither of us choose to rematch. Such was the case last week when I was saw a WWF challenger’s name which I did not recognize. This doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t know them. I have a friend named Michael whose WWF name is Juan Pablo George Ringo. Why? Because he likes the Beatles and he’s quirky and disagreeable. And of course, there’s Ricky Bobby, who goes by the name Arthur 2 Sheds on the twitter and 1357 Bob of WWF, but I digress…

Where was I?

Oh, yeah. So, I’m challenged by someone whose name I don’t recognize. The only thing I can surmise with any confidenceĀ is that he or she is not a Steeler’s fan. I won’t tell you this person’s WWF handle for reasons which will be readily apparent soon. After I narrowly defeated said opponent, he challenged me to another game. I assumed he was a sports fan, so we chatted about sports during our game. Cuz I’m friendly like that. He asked what football team I liked, I told him I was from Houston and that I rooted for the Texans if and when I watched them and that I rooted for whomever was playing against the Cowboys. Then he says,

At this point in the conversation, he’s already expressed that he hates the Steelers, the Red Sox and Tom Brady, and I’m beginning to wonder about all this pent up aggression towards sports teams displayed by my opponent…and then I begin to understand.

Notice how calm I am? Notice how I steer the conversation away from the fact that I’m playing Words with Friends with a ten year old boy? Ha! I immediately turn to the twitter to share my dismay.

And to make matters worse…

The little ankle biter actually BEAT ME!

So, in conclusion, let this serve as a cautionary tale fellow Words with Friends players. You never know who you’re playing against. Unless you actually DO know who you’re playing against. And that you can count on your long time opponents to be there for moral support:

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