About Me:

My name is Kathy Dishman Richards. Katdish is a nickname given to me years ago that just sort of stuck.

Ragamuffin, creative type, suffering and delighting in raging ADD. I’m a blogger turned quasi-writer. One of my passions is encouraging and helping other writers.

I’ve been told I’m a tad sarcastic.

About this Blog:

On any given day, you may find me ranting incessantly, guiding you through the wonderful world of the Sky Mall catalog and generally being ridiculous. I write about my faith, my passions and whatever else come to mind. So basically this is a blog about nothing and everything. It’s my ADD mind laid bare for the world to see.

Also, I don’t love cats. Which is not to say I dislike cats, I just don’t like them enough to have cat-themed items given to me. Which used to be a problem. Just thought you should know on the off chance you wanted to get me something for my birthday. Which is August 5.

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