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If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you may know that the blog Stuff Christians Like is what inspired me to start my own blog. I love the sense of community that Jon has created on his site. Take a look at my sidebar. Every blog listed there and many more that aren’t are folks I’ve found either directly or indirectly from the comments section of Stuff Christians Like. He truly is the Kevin Bacon of the blogosphere.

Last Monday, Jon asked the question What if?:

“If only you had a platform with hundreds of thousands of friends from around the world that could easily organize and radically change the world through the power of something like a blog. If only…

Right now, right here, you and me and the Stuff Christians Like community have the chance to be much bigger than a blog. I am growing overwhelmed but the sense that God has given us all a tremendous gift called, “being alive on Monday” and He’s holding His breath in eager anticipation to see what we’ll do next.

And what’s next for Stuff Christians Like is that we’re going to build a kindergarten in Vietnam. (No segue whatsoever; we just jumped into that, didn’t we?)”

That’s when something amazing happened…Stuff Christians Like raised $30,000 in 18 hours and funded the building of a kindergarten in Vietnam.

And now the community of Stuff Christians Like would like to build a second kindergarten.

This is not the post I had originally scheduled for Bridget’s blog carnival topic of “Community”. But last night I saw the following from Jon Acuff on twitter:

@prodigaljohn: I’ve got 5 on it. Tomorrow, Acuff family is matching the 1st 100 $5 donations for 2nd kindgrten

And I thought, “How cool is that?” So I sent Jon the following direct messages:

prodigaljohn: I’ll match the next 50.

prodigaljohn: I mean the next 20 ($50)

prodigaljohn: Okay…I suck at math. I’ll match 20 (that’s $100 right?) Sigh…

We send a couple DMs back and forth and then Jon tweets this:

Want to play matchmaker? @katdish is matching $1 for every $5 the Acuffs match tomorrow for $500 for Vietnam. You in? 25cent match means $25

So…are you in? Click on the link and get the rest of the scoop from Jon.

Seeing the forest for the trees

“You can’t see the forest for the trees.” We’ve all heard that expression, right? It means you get so caught up in the little picture that you fail to see the big picture. I sort of had a “seeing the forest” moment while going through my tweets from this week. It occured to me that I might come off as a tad blunt and maybe a bit direct. Has this revelation caused me to pause and reflect on whether my tweets might be taken the wrong way?

Heck no. I just wanted you to know that I know that about myself. Besides, I think you should say what you mean and mean what you say. Life is much less complicated that way…

Without further adieu, the best of me (or not) on the twitter:

@br8kthru You know, if you wanted to. I would never tell anyone what to do.

@br8kthru You need to switch to tweetdeck.

@br8kthru You need to make some calls…

@PeterPollock Thank you, Peter. You shall remain in my good graces for the rest of the day.

@PeterPollock Okay, maybe I am. But still…

@PeterPollock I’m not tweeting this stuff for my own personal enjoyment you know.

@PeterPollock Would you please tell @br8kthru that he needs to fix his PeopleBrowser so he can see my tweets?

But I’ll settle of one out of three…

Peace on earth, goodwill towards men, and a Kindle.

What does @katdish want for Christmas?

@br8kthru You’re welcome, also Jason. Am I still not showing up?

Welcome @TAnneAdams to the twitter. Now kindly change your avatar. That bird freaks me out.

RT @tremendousnews: “I met my boyfriend on Twitter. God. I wish I could go back to the days where he was limited to 140 chars”

RT @tim_____: My friend’s GPS just called me a beeotch. All I did was pull out my iPhone.

@Helenatrandom Read you comment & was like, “What’s a polish blessing? Wait! Polish blessing.” Gotcha

Check out this article from Times Online (Also check out how subtle I am in the comments section.)

@redclaydiaries Collecting baskets is a stretch. Why do you need to collect baskets? To keep crap in, that’s why.

@sarahmsalter No! Books are useful. They enrich your life.

@CandySteele Crap to hold crap. You’ve just made my point.

And no, @candysteele that basket is NOT for sale and you don’t need one anyway.

RT @redclaydiaries: @katdish But we wants it. //Yesh…

@HeatherSunseri “Kill your precious” is how I’ve heard it.

@billycoffey You have a non-vomit streak? Oh, do tell…

@billycoffey No, really. It’s horrible while it’s happening, but you’ll feel much better afterwards

@billycoffey You should throw up.

@HeatherSunseri Anything can be said in 140 characters or less.

@HeatherSunseri What’s it about?

RT @noveldoctor: Writing a novel is like running a marathon – there’s a good chance you’ll throw up before reaching the finish line

If you intend to write as truthfully as you can, your days as a member of polite society are numbered. – Stephen King

RT @marklamberti: I just unsubscribed from my blog. I’ve had enough of myself for now.

“Imitation is the sincerest form of television” – Fred Allen

RT @billycoffey: “Fiction is the truth inside the lie.” ~ Stephen King //Also known as “Faction

@redclaydiaries That was so cleverly shameless…

@sarahmsalter Yes. Sometimes gratuitous violence does wonders .

@BridgetChumbley Really, Bridget – it matters not.

@redclaydiaries Well I don’t buy baskets or candles. I’m anti-crap.

@dsanson I’ll let you know as soon as the statute of limitations is over.

@pagan43 And for the love of Gumby, please don’t tell me it’s an investment

@pagan43 So why are they so expensive? And why do you NEED an expensive basket?

@redclaydiaries The puzzles pieces are all coming together, aren’t they?

@makeadiff21 She says the hair keeps the pins sharp. But she made it like 30 years ago! Gaaa!

@redclaydiaries Hand to God – My mom has a pincushion stuffed with HUMAN HAIR!

I’m considering writing about stuff people collect and why. Any Logenbauer (sp?) collecters out there? And if so, why?

This just in: I have coupons following me on the twitter. They like me. They really, really like me…

@redclaydiaries My next house will have 4 dishwashers and no cabinets.

Does this make anyone want to eat chicken? Me neither. Thank you, Kroger.

@redclaydiaries Oooo! Skymall

@mabeswife I’d hang on to the savings bonds if I were you…

@mabeswife But of course! I’ll send you an author’s edition.

RT @mabeswife: @katdish YESH! //See? One book sold already. Bring on the offers.

Me thinks…yes

I’ve been quoted on twitter like 5 or 6 times. Could a book offer be far behind?

@pagan43 Yes, but that would require me to open a can and heat it up. It’s more than I’m willing to do.

@br8kthru Food is overrated. I think I’ll have a low carb monster and some whoppers

I really need to eat something

@BridgetChumbley Good. But I’m hungry. I just don’t feel like making lunch. Devastating laziness has its drawbacks

@PuriChristos Oh, see…you didn’t say when MAKING candles. I thought you were just going to be a Beavis and burn stuff

@PuriChristos Why are you asking about adding nutmeg to a candle? That’s weird.

@PuriChristos You’re so weird…

@joannamuses Liger flu….Yesh!

RT @redclaydiaries: @sarahmsalter I decline to answer that on the grounds that it might show me to be hopelessly lazy

@redclaydiaries I thought laundry was your arch nemesis. Can you have more than one?

RT @weightwhat: @katdish I heart Captain Underpants!!! //Somehow I knew that.

Hmmm….@br8kthru seems to be ignoring me.

@redclaydiaries nah. She wear her granny panties with pride

@redclaydiaries of course they’re not mine. They’re @candysteele’s.

@redclaydiaries Just for you:

I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done. – Steven Wright

RT @BridgetChumbley: @katdish I’ve realized I need to humiliate my cats more often… my kids will appreciate the break! // ha!

I know. Subtle aren’t I?

Speaking of great books. Can’t wait for this one to come out (Fall 2010):

@BridgetChumbley Poor Buddy? He’s a dog. Furthermore, he’s MY dog. Not exactly a win-win situation.

@billycoffey whateva

RT @billycoffey: Okay, @katdish is kicking me off Twitter. I’ll be back later when she isn’t here…//Um hmm…thought so.

What the….@billycoffey ! GET OFF THE TWITTER and go back to resting before I come up there & smash your laptop with a hammer!

Once again, Sorry/you’re welcome.

Twitpics, stocking stuffers and whatnot…

This week on the twitter, @redclaydiaries kept me highly entertained from NYC with both tweets and DMs, I reached and surpassed 1000 followers and publicly humiliated my dog both on my driveway and on the tweetdeck. Overall, a very good week:

Hmmmm….Just curious why tweetdeck will not allow me to remove @MarilynDoming ‘s butt off my Mentions column. @spam

@br8kthru You’re welcome. Now go shake your moneymaker.

@redclaydiaries The mini ketchups make great stocking stuffers…( in reply to redclaydiaries @katdish Done. Packed all the mini jams that came w room service too. Wondering if they count the pillows…)

@redclaydiaries Dang. Well you can always raid the housekeeping cart for tiny shampoo. (in reply to redclaydiaries @katdish They’re so mean now! They pay attention & charge me if the robe goes missing!)

@redclaydiaries Are you going to buy that robe, or did you bring an extra large suitcase?

@charliewetzel What’s @redclaydiaries doing? More importantly, what is she wearing?


Oh, I’m calling this one. Yankees win the World Series. (one out away)

Now, I’m trying to watch the Yankees and write a post. Scuse me…

Hey! Somebody follow @Becks_Beer ! Okay? Good.

Always remember that you are unique. Just like everyone else. – Margaret Mead

@redclaydiaries Nekkid animals should not offend you. Animals with clothing should offend you.

@redclaydiaries I’ll have you know that at last check all of my followers were wearing clothes. Well, except for the dogs and cats.

@pagan43 Oh, well now you’re using math. And here I followed you…Although I could have sworn I was already following you.

@redclaydiaries Hey did you hear I have 1000 followers now? I’m breathing down your 4031 follower neck!

@pagan43 Pie? I don’t want no stinkin’ pie! Well, okay…what kind of pie?

@redclaydiaries So am I now “The One who must not be named?”

@makeadiff21 He’s following me. Isn’t that reward enough?

RT @makeadiff21: @Brian_Russell Heehee. Well, I think that @katdish should give you a reward for finding her 1000th follower 🙂

Follow @underfoldfred and go read The Underfold!

@Brian_Russell YAY!!!

I have 999 followers. Who will be #1000? No, not you Brittney.

@pwilson Where have you been hiding him?

@pwilson OMGoogle! I pink fuzzy heart @fakepwilson!

@Helenatrandom my frontsettes are not blogworthy.

@billycoffey Well, I’m working on that, Billy. (in reply to billycoffey@katdish Tell you what. Just have him call me)

@billycoffey Did you need his number? (in reply to billycoffey @katdish I’m gonna call George and tell him to order you a World Series ring.)

@billycoffey Yes. Mojo indeed. You’re welcome, BTW.

@makeadiff21 A very fancy one apparently.


The orthodondist office has a private movie theater, built in fish tanks and is professionally decorated. This is going to be expensive.

So there you go. Also? I’m 6 followers short of 1,000 WITHOUT any auto-follow service or whatnot. What does this mean? No idea.

Quiet Dignity Just thought I would publicly humiliate my dog one more time before I say goodnight.

@weightwhat No. I don’t want to see a clown stone cold sober, let alone after a few cocktails.

This is one I like to call “Quiet Dignity”.

Okay. Gotta go try and get Buddy Love the wiener dog in a chicken costume. Pictures to follow…

@CandySteele Sorry. I can’t help myself.

@CandySteele Your p gets stuck? TWSS.

@shrinkingcamel I’m only a part-time social media maven.

@BridgetChumbley I’m all up in subtle…

@redclaydiaries So you did not have a cone bra? Suppose now you’re going to tell me you were never a pole dancer either.

@RachelleGardner Is it a Snow Day? Hey! That would make a great book title!

Yes, yes…Sorry/you’re welcome.

Shocking but true…

I wasn’t on the twitter much last week. I’m busy people! But I still managed to enrich a few lives through the power of social media.

In particular, @sarahmsalter, who has never heard of Festivus! I know what you’re saying to yourselves, “That can’t be!”

In the words of Elaine to Jerry, “Oh, it be…”


@BridgetChumbley Oh, right. I haven’t had any gray hair since I was about 27.

@br8kthru Oh shut up. (in reply to: @Helenatrandom I know- the funny thing is I joked about her avoiding me then she never responded. I was trying to lure her out – oh well…)

@BridgetChumbley Hair day? Every day is hair day for me. Mostly ponytail hair day though…

@br8kthru Did you not see my earlier tweet Jason? Sheesh!

@sarahmsalter It’s Festivus for the Rest of Us:

@sarahmsalter Oh, hold on…

Does anyone else celebrate Festivus?

RT @tremendousnews: Announcement! I now have an agent. I know. I know. His name’s Doug. He’s State Farm’s finest.

@Helenatrandom No regrets, I’m like you. I’ll forget to read it if I don’t.

New rule: I’m going to actually read a post before I RT it. So if I don’t RT right away, that’s what I’m doing.

@PeterPollock You’re welcome.

@PeterPollock SNAP OUT OF IT!

@br8kthru Why would I avoid you, Jason? I’ve just been a bit busy. Besides, the sweater vest is hard to miss.

Are y’all freaking kidding me with the ads in my DM column? STOP IT NOW!

RT @muchl8r: Starting a new day. This one will rock yesterday’s socks off! Or else I’ll be forced to stab someone!

” I know that my lack of detachable feet has never interfered with my self esteem.” – @helenatrandom

What am I missing in Chicago? Besides @helenatrandom?

@pwilson You’re not going up on the roof again are you? Because if you are, you’d better bring your camera.

RT @unmarketing: How to properly add a comment to a ReTweet //Hint: not like this.

RT @unmarketing: @katdish I’m putting you on probation, and this is going in your file //Read: @katdish is AWESOME

@unmarketing Just because I subscribe to your blog and follow most of your advice, does not mean you’re the boss of me. Probably.

@unmarketing Says who? You’re not the boss of me.

RT @unmarketing: Just saw another person add a comment to a retweet that makes it look like the originator said it. Comment before RT

@RachelleGardner Best book on writing I’ve ever read. Also the only book on writing I’ve ever read. But still…

RT @RachelleGardner: “The editor is always right.” But: “No writer will take all of his or her editor’s advice.” ~Stephen King On Writing

@marni71 Actually, no. I wouldn’t know. Snort! (in reply to: @katdish It hates me. Sigh. And I love it so. Rejection is hard, ya know?)

@PuriChristos Oh, like you wouldn’t pester me anyway.

RT @PuriChristos: @katdish my net went down. Do u like my new avatar? I picked it special 4u//See? Annoying…

Follow @PuriChristos, because it’s his birthday, and he’s like the annoying little brother you never wanted.

“A good writer is basically a storyteller, not a scholar or redeemer of mankind.” -Isaac B. Singer

RT @redclaydiaries: @billycoffey @katdish You know, I like the word “GAA.” It has so many practical applications.//It really does.

RT @makeadiff21: @billycoffey You been hangin’ with @katdish too long? // You say that like it’s a bad thing.

RT @redclaydiaries: @billycoffey TWSS!

@billycoffey Oh, like that would ever happen. We’re delightful!

@billycoffey You know me. I always go there.

RT @shrinkingcamel: Still waiting for that agent to discover your brilliant blog? //Not really, no…

As always…Sorry/you’re welcome.

I big pink fuzzy heart social media

It has come to my attention that by adding “(in reply to tweets)” in my twitter updates, some of them actually make sense and can be followed by the average reader. I will not do that this week. I feel like being confusing and random. Because that’s how I roll sometimes.

Something kind of cool happened on the twitter yesterday. And by “kind of cool” I mean AWESOME. It also gives credence to my assertion that being a tad pushy isn’t always a bad thing.

I big pink fuzzy heart social media…

RT @FaithWords: @billyCoffey – the tribe has spoken you must plan a BlogTalkRadio chat with us ; ) //The tribe is grateful. Thanks.

@HeatheroftheEO Oh, that’s what you WANT me to say, isn’t it?

@HeatheroftheEO You need to be more specific. Deep dish or hand tossed?

Son: I thought you were in the den but you were in the office. That’s called situational irony/Me: No, that’s called you being wrong.

@JeanneDamoff Thank you. You really can apply many life experiences to an episode of Seinfeld.

@sarahmsalter I knew you were incredibly perceptive, Sarah.

HEY! @BridgetChumbley @VariantVal @sarahmsalter @JeanneDamoff @PuriChristos @PeterPollock ! Did you see my RT?

Everyone’s a comedian…

RT @FaithWords: Which Faithwords author(s) would you like to be chat with on Blogtalkradio? //@BillyCoffey!

@VariantVal Ssshhh! I’m trying to find something.

Hello everyone! Are you paying attention?

Okay…I have to turn off the tweet deck and do some actual work. Sigh. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

@redclaydiaries And that’s all that really matters in the end.

@redclaydiaries Yes. We are hilarious.

RT @marni71: @katdish @redclaydiaries Awww how sweet. How many of us can truly say we’ve found friendship by harsh Biblical conviction?

@forthegirls Okay, well I like CSI too. Except Miami, because David Caruso is annoying.

RT @redclaydiaries: @marni71 Did u see?! @HeatherSunseri LOVES Caillou! WHO’S WITH ME ON ANOTHER INTERVENTION?! // UNFOLLOW!

@sarahmsalter Caillou is the poster child for annoying children everywhere.

@redclaydiaries OMGoogle! You must watch it. “I want people to love me so much it hurts.” – Michael Scott

@sarahmsalter You’ve never seen The Office? I’m not sure we can be friends anymore…

@billycoffey Was it like a crazy, maniacal laugh?

@chrissulli I’m multi-talented.

@chrissulli That’s what I’m here for, Chris.

@chrissulli You’ve obviously never been pregnant.

I’m going to RT @peterpollock’s guest post as soon as he changes “bost” to “post”. Cuz I’m in editor mode right now.

@marni71 I swift head butt if I recall correctly.

@marni71 Trying being fitted for ski boots only to have the guy tell you (in a surfer accent) “Your calves are HUGE!” Nice.

@marni71 Yes. An OCD germophobe. He completes you.

@marni71 Monk is good. He’s a germophobe.

@PuriChristos What do you mean “ewww”? I’m mildly offended.

@Helenatrandom @makeadiff21 @Doallas @BridgetChumbley @billycoffey @HeatherSunseri @br8kthru Thx for the RTs. I’m officially overexposed

@redclaydiaries Right….because I have so many more followers than you do. You broke spades w/your own poop tweet.

I crack myself up. I truly, truly do…

@redclaydiaries Oh man…that’s a TWSS moment if I ever saw one. I’m not touching that one though…(ha! TWSS)

Dear @BridgetChumbley ‘s blog carnival. I have nothing set out for dinner. I blame you.

@Helenatrandom Thanks, but I meant she’s an epic procrastinator.

@marni71 Yes. I think my sister is supposed to set up an etsy account, but she probably hasn’t because, well…she’s like me.

@marni71 Yes. Covered with sticky fingerprints already.

@JeanneDamoff You know what? I don’t but I really need to make a road trip to Dallas. My daughter loves American Girl Store.

@gyoung9751 Hey! Thanks for making me feel all convicted and stuff this morning!

@bryanallain Okay, that’s just gross…

RT @bryanallain: if I had a nickel for every time I’ve eaten guinea pig, I’d have a nickel.

@chrissulli You say “incredibly random” like it’s a bad thing….

@CandySteele I didn’t even know there were more than 15 types of beans. Were there jelly beans?

RT @marni71: A UPS truck just tried to kill me while on the hwy. “What can Brown do for me?” Not swerving into my lane is a good start.

@PuriChristos Awesome Cat, Watermelon Cat, Bus, Stink Eye

As always, Sorry/You’re welcome…

    We interrupt this Twitter update for a special annoucement

    A VERY brief twitter update this week. Sorry, I’m pretty stoked about some other news, which I will get to in a minute. For now, here’s the shortest twitter update ever:

    @peterpollock: The slave driver has put me to work again!…. just sayin’

    @katdish: @PeterPollock Mush! Mush!


    @katdish: @billycoffey Thanks. Staying busy?

    @billycoffey: @katdish Sigh…yes. And cold and wet.

    @katdish: @billycoffey Oh, don’t fret. I have a feeling your week will end on a high note.

    @BridgetChumbly: @katdish All this ‘code’ talk between you and @billycoffey is driving me crazy! Will we get to hear this news on Friday, or no???

    @billycoffey: @BridgetChumbly Hmmm….

    @katdish: @BridgetChumbley Stay tuned….


    @katdish: RT @PeterPollock: I’m scared this morning. I was woken up by orders given through twitter DM’s… I’m just obeying, it’s safest //Mwha ha ha


    So what’s the big news? Well, hang on…I tell you in just a minute. But first…

    Billy has done some really great interviews. I’ve enjoyed each and every one of them. But no one does an interview quite like my pal Matt at the Church of No People. Here’s a brief excerpt from Billy Coffey’s latest interview with Matt:

    Your writing has a signature style. It’s been said by readers such as myself that it can be calming like a butterfly, fierce and poignant like a tiger, or ironic like a three-legged dog. What do you say?

    I would say my style resembles a three-legged dog who gets so distracted by chasing a butterfly that he doesn’t see the tiger that comes along and eats him.

    Now as a test of writing dexterity, I’m thinking of three random things: a hula-hoop, a pudding cup, and that three-legged dog from the previous question. Can you write an inspiring story using all three?

    To read how Billy answers this and other questions, hop on over to Matt’s blog,
    The Church of No People. I’ll wait right here….

    Are you back so soon? Did you go read the interview? Good, huh?

    Okay. Here’s the big news: I’m not going to tell you. You have to go HERE. to read about it. Okay…bye!

    Playoff Baseball, goat snuggies & Steve Harvey introduces Jesus

    It has come to my attention that some folks who read my twitter updates that are NOT on twitter miss out on quite a bit. There are pictures and some pretty cool links that never get posted here. This week, I’m hoping to remedy that situation just a little bit.

    Also, the twitter was frozen up for a few hours yesterday, so as a public service, I opened up my comments section for random comments not necessarily related to the content of the blog post. You know, sort of like every day around here:

    Steph @Red Clay Diaries said…
    OMGoogle! Lots of comments must mean one thing: Twitter is frozen and we need to read blogs to avoid being productive.

    I’m with you Kat. Nothing skanktacular will be worn my two girls. It’s really hard to find something cute in size 10(kids) and up for certain costumes. Go ahead, look up “fairy” or “cat” for that age group on a costume site. I dare you!

    My problem is that my boy and older girl want to be scary. Like disgusting-scare-neighborhood-children-scary. I had to nix the nasty zombie with bones protruding and the evil clown. Geez.

    My youngest wanted to be a bat. But most of THOSE showed too much skin. For a 6 year old.

    Okay, I’ll go now and check on the Twitter again. Bye.

    I’m really leaving.


    Hey, visit my blog during the outage too!

    See ya.

    Are you still here?

    Have I filled the entire comment page yet?


    Okay. Enough of Steph’s rambling. Here’s the best (or not) of me on the twitter:
    (And if this is your first time here, the tweets are in reverse order — because I’m all kinds of lazy.)

    Because much like twitter, it is completely random and non-sequential.

    As a public service, I would like to offer the comments section of my blog when the twitter goes down (like today)

    RT @noveldoctor: God teaches patience / we linger in the waiting / when Twitter freezes #haiku

    Perhaps I spoke too soon…

    THANK GOODNESS the twitter is working! I was actually contemplating doing something productive!

    RT @HerbieGookins: @katdish Look! Snuggie telepathy with @pwilson Did he just call me a loser? //I think he did!

    @HerbieGookins Yes. Was that one of your neighbors? (in reply to: @katdish Did you see the goat snuggie-type thing?)

    RT @stretchmarkmama: Crafts gone bad. (ht @AlanLeonard) #hilarious //SO FUNNY!

    @Helenatrandom I dunno, Helen. @RachelleGardner raises a valid point. I may need to root for a NL team. (in reply to: @katdish Okay. Now that @billycoffey has us both rooting for the Yankees, what do they win? Or is our support the prize?)

    @billycoffey They don’t make that much rope. (in reply to: @HeatherSunseri Give @katdish enough rope, and she’ll always hang herself.)

    @billycoffey And you will be nice to @RachelleGardner no matter what. Right? (in reply to: @RachelleGardner @katdish @Helenatrandom Uh-oh. I just realized the Rockies and the Yankees could be playing for the World Series.)

    @HeatherSunseri Yes. That one is definitely going on the Friday update. (in reply to: RT @billycoffey: @katdish You’re right. //That was too good to not retweet.)

    RT @billycoffey: @katdish You’re right.

    @RachelleGardner Oh, yes. What happens if they meet the Yankees in the World Series? That could get ugly. (in reply to: @katdish The Colorado Rockies are worth rooting for, too! 🙂

    @billycoffey Oh, let’s not get crazy… (in reply to: @katdish I see I’m having somewhat of a positive affect on you.)

    @billycoffey And that affects me how? (in reply to: @katdish Keep in mind, however, that I just spent a month’s pay on a new furnace for the house.)

    @billycoffey Hmmm…… (in reply to: @katdish Well since they haven’t won the World Series in nine years, I’d say you could name your price.)

    @billycoffey I dunno….what’s it worth to you? (in reply to: @katdish Which means that you’ll be watching tonight, correct?)

    @billycoffey Did I mention that the Yankees have one every game but one that I watched this year?

    @br8kthru Oh, you can always complain… (in reply to: @katdish can’t complain. 🙂

    @redclaydiaries You are pure evil, Steph. (in reply to: Now @katdish Don’t click on this: (Just making sure she DOES click on it)

    @Doallas Doesn’t exactly give you a hankerin’ for a hamburger, does it?

    RT @andycrash: Typos gone bad, really bad //Um…wow.

    RT @jewda4: And how would you introduce Jesus? //I LOVE THAT VIDEO!

    @Helenatrandom Unicorns? Were rainbows involved?

    @br8kthru Jason – just read your comment. You are a dork.

    RT @PuriChristos: @CandySteele blessing b with you. (cuz I’m not some luck believing pagan) //Ha!

    I wrote an anit-obedience obedience post. Because I like to be contrary…

    Okay, people, my timer says my roots now match the rest of my hair. Gotta go rinse. (No need to thank me for sharing.)

    @PeterPollock It’s a rare and beautiful thing, no? (in reply to: @katdish I’m beginning to understand what it’s like to be you 🙂

    RT @HerbieGookins: RT @katdish @HerbieGookins is right.// Of course I am. //And humble to boot!

    @PeterPollock See how many people are being obedient and writing a post about obedience? How’s it feel to have that kind of power?

    @redclaydiaries @HerbieGookins is right. Don’t let you boss you around!

    @VariantVal I’m good. Trying to finish a post about obedience – not my strong suit.

    @PeterPollock Thanks. Just to tell you, I’m going to do a post on obedience, even though I don’t want to.

    Then I let them eat the cookie dough without cooking it. Don’t judge me.

    So, I bought the pre-cut cookie dough this weekend, planning to bake cookies for the kids.

    @marni71 You prank called Sherri? That’s awesome. (in reply to: @redclaydiaries @Helenatrandom @katdish In my sick stupor yesterday, I prank called Sherri. I guess I should call her back and apologize.)

    Take THAT 140 character limitation!

    “Your mother is acting strangely. She’s on the roof barking.”

    So a few months later on another trip, he gets the following telegram from his wife:

    next telegram, “Rover has fallen, but the vet is doing all he can.” Then when I got the bad news, I would have been better prepared.

    For example, the 1st telegram could have said, “Rover is acting strange, he’s on the roof barking.”

    “The dog is dead.” When he gets home, he tells his wife that bad news like that should be given in pieces to soften the blow.

    Man goes away on a long term mission trip where the only form of communication is via telegraph. Receives one from his wife that simply says

    @sarahmsalter @DougSpur Oh man. I have a great joke about roofs.

    RT @redclaydiaries: @billycoffey U know me: a suck-up. She’s letting ME guest post next Wed. Gotta keep her happy.

    @buzzbyannies Right now I could trade snow and ice for muggy with a high chance of mosquitoes.

    @redclaydiaries Best. Hashtag. Ever. (in reply to: @BridgetChumbley Well yes. What are YOU talking about? #innuendomongering)

    @redclaydiaries Are you sure you’re doing it right? The knuckle has to be placed just so. #grossconversation (in reply to: @katdish A farmer blow does me no good. Some of that stuff won’t come out without a hosing. Followed by farmer blow #grossconversation)

    @BridgetChumbley How about a good old fashioned farmer blow? @CandySteele swears by them.

    @BridgetChumbley TALK TO THE HAND! (in reply to: @redclaydiaries Oh… @katdish made me agree with her…you know what a bully she can be!)

    @redclaydiaries TALK TO THE HAND? Wow. I’m tempted to unfollow you after that tweet.

    RT @VariantVal: @katdish The grizzly is thought the plane crash was a free AUCE buffett //I was pulling for the bear.

    Case in Point – Walker fighting a zombie looking plane crash survivor, when all of the sudden – Yes, people – a grizzly bear shows up.

    Nothing against Chuck Norris, but Walker Texas Ranger is a horribly corny show.

    Think I need to touch up my roots. Not to brag, but I’m looking pretty skunkalicious this morning.

    RT @robkroese: They should just replace those stupid blowers in public restrooms with signs that say “Please wipe your hands on your pants.”

    @pwilson @billycoffey – Golf is men in ugly pants walking.

    @Helenatrandom Why should @billycoffey do a twitter post when he’s always featured on ours? He’s a clever redneck.

    As always – Sorry/You’re welcome.


    The twitter is an interesting and informative place. I’ve connected with some great people, laughed and learned. For the most part, it has been a wonderfully enriching experience. And then there’s this link tweeted by @redclaydiaries:

    If you had the ability to grow your own meat and fish in a device that looks like something you’d buy off of a George Foreman infomercial, would you? The Cocoon is a concept cooker that grows meat and fish from heated animal cells. Weird.

    While you are recovering from that horror, please enjoy the best (or not) of me on the twitter:

    Okay, I’m done being smack talked on the twitter. Community is on! YAY!

    @redclaydiaries Do you see how I’m joining in the conversation, as if you’re NOT ignoring me at all…

    RT @redclaydiaries: @weightwhat Keebler: Oppressing elves for 10 generations.

    @weightwhat YESH! (in reply to: @katdish How about: VO5 Gel for Men – Holding down comb-overs for the last 50 years.)

    I tweeted incorrectly earlier today….Please welcome @DougSpur to the twitter!

    @redclaydiaries @HerbieGookins @weightwhat We should start the #FOTTSP Ad Agency! How’s this: Volvo – They’re boxy, but safe!

    @BridgetChumbley You crack yourself up? That’s always a good thing.

    @WinLiannefield I HATE the money with the eyes! And how much money can they save you when they’re spending so much on ads?

    RT @SBeeCreations: @katdish What?! You’re going to off some Brownies? Poor little girls //Ha! Missed that double meaning.

    RT @HerbieGookins: @katdish I wouldn’t off the Brownies. Could be some nasty legal repercussions…//Mwha, ha ha!

    Off the Brownies! We’re making (another) picture frame!

    RT @Erinbeekeeper: Snuffy was just a total douche to Wolfgang on Sesame street. I wish he was still imaginary

    @redclaydiaries Nekkid followers need love too. (in reply to: @katdish Leave it to me. I’ll just use my massive social influence & tell them to follow you. Especially the nekkid ones.)

    @redclaydiaries How will I find the kind of quality followers you have collected? (in reply to: @katdish Hey! I just noticed that you have 900 followers! Only (whatever 3890-900 equals) to go to pass me up!)

    @HeatheroftheEO You know what your problem is? Your standards are too high. That’s not so much an issue with me.

    RT @HeatheroftheEO: The comments reminded me that I love wrogging (blogging/writing) –

    @redclaydiaries What gets me is that someone would read “grow your own meat”, & say – Hey! What a great idea!

    @redclaydiaries I get a little confused with the states in the area known as “the ones in the middle”

    RT @redclaydiaries: This isn’t real, is it? If so, hold me. //OH THE HUMANITY!!!!

    @buzzbyannies Roughing it for me is staying at a hotel with low thread count sheets. (in reply to: @billycoffey Roughin’ it for me is dry camping in an RV. I’m slightly ‘sissy-girl’ that way. But don’t tell anyone!)

    RT @redclaydiaries: @billycoffey @katdish is in fact your spokesmodel, right?//Yes. K-mart offered, but they already have Martha Stewart.

    @mare261 – Happy Birthday! (Even though I’m not even sure if you’re on the twitter anymore

    @redclaydiaries Did you notice how @billycoffey did not correct you even though you said he lived in WV and not VA? He’s polite like that.

    @HeatherSunseri I was like, “Who is @katdishsomething?

    I don’t kill flies, but I like to mess with their minds. I hold them above globes. They freak out and yell, “Whoa! I’m way too high!”

    When I’m around hard-core computer geeks I want to say, “Come outside, the graphics are great!” -Matt Weinhold

    @br8kthru @Helenatrandom is adored by everyone. With the notable exception of Roman Polanski.

    RT @br8kthru: @Helenatrandom your avatar is staritng to look a nascar car. 🙂 //Okay, That’s what I was thinking!

    @CandySteele You mean like over the shoulder boulder holder? (in reply to: Just found a great bra for a patient called “The Last Resort.” They could have come up with a kinder, gentler name.)

    @Brian_Russell I think it is as impossible to prove He exists as it is to disprove. Faith is a matter of will. Deepdish katdish.

    @RachelleGardner You should work on that. (in reply to: One of the hardest things about being an agent is that I can rarely explain exactly what makes me LOVE a book. Or not.)

    Just to tell you, I have lemons on my avatar to support the fight of childhood cancer. I am not eating lemons. (Currently)

    @br8kthru I’m a giver, Jason.

    @br8kthru I’m revamping The Human Fund started by George Costanza. (in reply to: If you have a project or org. you are raising funds 4, please send me a DM or reply soon. I have an idea & would like 2 try 2 help!)

    @VariantVal I’ve stopped correcting her, because she’ll just say, “Well I like the way I say it better.” She’s stubborn like that.

    My daughter is learning about the human body in her 2nd grade class. Did you know that the lungs work together with the DIAGRAM?

    @redclaydiaries I am very excited that @charliewetzel enjoyed your birthday post so much. I’m considering facebook friending him. Too much?

    @marni71 Thanks, Marni. Check out my avatar! Lemons – good! Num-num!

    Support Alex’s Lemonade, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! –…

    @Helenatrandom They may dress well, but they still smell like big, stinky birds. (in reply to: @katdish Good point…even their walk is rather arrogant!)

    @Helenatrandom Lack of obedience? Plus they’re way overdressed – A sure sign of arrogance. (in reply to: @katdish Why penguins are not as nice as robins….)

    I heart hashtags!

    If I wanted you to know, I’d be talking #SeeIToldYouSo

    What are you thinking about? #QuestionsYouDontWantAnswersTo

    Education: The next best thing to a record deal! #NationalSarcasmDay

    @PeterPollock Obedience? You want ME to blog about obedience? Hmm….

    @PeterPollock What’s a blog carnival? Will there be clowns? I think I can speak for @billycoffey and myself when I say if there are, NO!

    @PeterPollock Since I have no idea what you people are talking about, then yes. Yes I am.

    @sarahmsalter Clean is such a relative term, don’t you think Sarah?

    @BridgetChumbley Wow, that’s laying it on a bit thick, don’t you think? But I like it…

    RT @BridgetChumbley All hail the power of @billycoffey’s pen, let twitterers prostrate fall, bring forth the wisdom on his blog and comment.

    RT @bryanallain: I’m so hungry, I’m like the wolf #bryanishungry //Do-do do do, do do do, do do do, do do do, do do

    Okay, I’ll play…I haven’t had my coffee yet. Don’t make me kill you. #NationalSarcasmDay

    RT @JanetOber: Living on Earth is expensive, but it does include a free trip around the sun. #NationalSarcasmDay

    @VariantVal Oh, well then. You should unfollow them. (in reply to: Not you, dear.)

    I should probably go pray now…

    @sarahmsalter Was Jerry Seinfeld your pastor? And what is UP with those tiny crackers? Is it bread? Is it a chicklet? (in reply to: @katdish That’s better than the pastor I once heard who said “Hello?!” over and over again. “God loves us! Hello?! And Satan’s bad! Hello?!”)

    @VariantVal Just throw the unfollow hammer down on them. Unless it’s me, of course…

    @sarahmsalter @makeadiff21 AMEN! And can I get an AMEN?

    @sarahmsalter @br8kthru ‘s sermons are really good. He says AMEN alot.

    @redclaydiaries Shaddup. (in reply to: @katdish Join me in yoville. I insist.)

    Why must people INSIST on sending me yoville invitations?

    Okay! It’s naptime somewhere. And by “somewhere”, I mean here.

    RT @marni71: Come celebrate our Sarcastic Heritage…

    Me: Mom, you need to get a flu shot/Mom: I know, I’m going to VCR Pharmacy to get one./Me: CVS?/Mom: That’s what I said.

    @marni71 You complete me, Marni (in reply to: @katdish That’s why I’m here. To anticipate, to step in, to serve.)

    RT @marni71: According to the Google, it’s National Sarcasm Day! Did everyone buy gifts for the snarks in their life? //Oooo! Gimme!

    @marni71 That is SO freaky! I was just going to mention that to @Brian_Russell (in reply to: @Brian_Russell Our good friend @katdish has a 12 step program whereby she ridicules you 12 times and then you stop…out of shame and fear.)

    RT @pwilson: A little Monday reminder: “You are not in control.” That’s it. Now go back to work. //You’re not the boss of me, Pete!

    RT @billycoffey: @redclaydiaries For her. Not so sure it’s a gift to the rest of us, though. //Again. Thanks so much.8:44 AM Sep 28th from TweetDeck

    @redclaydiaries Are you responsible for my latest follower? Or did he follow me in a moment of weakness?

    RT @billycoffey: @redclaydiaries I’m sure @katdish will take that as a compliment. She pretty much takes everything as a compliment./thanks!

    @VariantVal “No job is too big. No fee is too big…”

    @VariantVal Oh goody! Random quotes! How about this one: “Do you have balloons in funny shapes?” / “Not unless round is funny.”

    RT @VariantVal: I do not have time to watch a goat fetch soap… //Whaa???

    RT @badbanana: I hope they throw the book at Roman Polanski and make him direct a couple of Transformers movies.

    A get well haiku from my friends Jeff & Tam: Get better Kathy/At least there’s no cone of shame/That would be awkward.

    My dog smells like feet.

    I’ve picked up more followers this week than usual. And I’ve hardly tweeted all week. Hmmm…..
    @prodigaljohn OMGoogle! Your wife told you to man up at Disneyland? Stop! I’m dying laughing!

    RT @prodigaljohn: “Man up.” Words of “encouragement” my wife just gave me as we prepare to go on space mountain in Disneyland

    @kates513 Congrats on your run today! I’m going to eat a celebratory bowl of ice cream in your honor.

    This just in: I’m still sick (cough, cough) and goodnight.

    Again, Sorry/You’re welcome.

    It’s been a long week…

    I had some outpatient surgery on Tuesday, spent Wednesday recovering from said surgery and catching the flu from my kids. Oh yeah…tons of fun. After approximately 297 phone calls to the doctor’s office and pharmacy, everyone is on flu meds and we are all on the mend. I wasnt’ going to do a post for today, but what the heck – I’m just lying here being miserable. I figure I might as well spread the love. So here you go…

    The best of me (or not) on the twitter:

    Alright people. Gotta get off the computer for now. I’ll be back tomorrow & I’ll be medicated.

    @br8kthru That’s an excellent motto for a pastor, Jason. (in reply to: @katdish Well, I thought it wasn’t bad either & then everyone tried to get me nervous. ‘Don’t listen to people,’ that’s my new motto.)

    @br8kthru Nah, you’re good. That’s the least disturbing picture you’ve created so far. (in reply to: @katdish If anything, it’s a tribute. Anyone who sees it differently just needs a better perspective…)

    @BridgetChumbley Nah, not yet anyway…(in reply to: RT @katdish: @br8kthru You know what they say about paybacks, right Jason? (laughs maniacally) ///but is he dead to you?)

    makeadiff21 It’s okay Ginny. I’m used to constant abuse at the hands of my friends.

    I’m channeling Sherri in my tweets lately.

    @Helenatrandom Or “MY” back as they say in some countries…

    @Helenatrandom Oh Helen – I know you’ve always got may back.

    @bryanallain Do you mean like debriefing vs depantsings?

    RT @bryanallain: Every time I say “just livin the dream” to someone, I want to punch myself in the face. //twitpics, please.

    @JeanneDamoff Mostly alive, but there are some that are looking a bit peeked. (in reply to: @katdish Hey! I’ve missed your awesomeness. You good? Everyone alive to you these days?)

    @redclaydiaries You complete me, Steph. (in reply to: @katdish Love that you RT’d @helenatrandom. I’ll say what you couldn’t fit: THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!)

    RT @sarahmarkley: Someone in my cycle class smelled like corn chips. It wasn’t me.

    RT @Helenatrandom: @sarahmsalter I don’t know why. I only know that she was upset she could not have frozen banana in the summer….

    @br8kthru I love a pastor than can seized on a good TWSS moment. (in reply to: @katdish you are “appaulled” huh? TWSS)

    @weightwhat I’m shocked and appaulled that you would ask me that. (in reply to: @katdish If I tell you will you use it against me?)

    RT @billycoffey: @katdish But what really keeps us as friends is your stunning humility. // Now you’re getting with the program.

    @weightwhat How did you make that little TM?

    @billycoffey I am a wonderful influence. Unlike @weightwhat, I really AM goodness and light.

    RT @weightwhat: @billycoffey YESH! // You’re a bad influence, Wendy!

    RT @weightwhat: @Helenatrandom No, we wouldn’t want to deprive @katdish. I’ll get right on it. //Let it be written. Let it be done!

    RT @PeterPollock: I’m sure @br8kthru could quickly mash up a picture of @katdish laughing maniacally //NO! Still having breakdish nighmares

    Which should make everyone feel much better.

    That should have been LAUGHING maniacally, not Laughigh maniacally…

    Laughigh maniacally whilst rubbing my hands together…

    RT @br8kthru: @marni71 Yeah, ignoring @katdish would be like ignoring a spreading rash -it’s to your own detriment //You got that right.

    RT @marni71: @br8kthru Ignore @katdish . She’s just trying to get us to fight again… // IGNORE KATDISH? That’s not possible.

    RT @marni71: @br8kthru You should do Public Service Announcements. Your advice is relevant and wise… // TWSS

    @godhasablog You know how they say it’s just an honor to be nominated? It’s so much better to win…

    RT @godhasablog: …. do you want to wait until you get to Heaven and get it at a big awards ceremony hosted by Neil Patrick Harris?

    RT @godhasablog: Congrats to @katdish for winning the #essayspectacular! Important questions: do you want your prize now, OR…..

    @jamieworley That is so wrong on so many levels. Can dogs feel embarrassment? Yes. Yes they can.

    RT @jamieworley: @katdish Check out these dogs. You will laugh! This could be a whole blog post in itself:

    @buzzbyannies I’m pretty open about my love of Boz. He doesn’t have to like it

    @buzzbyannies Hey Annie! Thanks for the Boz pic! Buddy Love was jealous.

    Son: Dad, can you take me to the mall? DH: Well… Son: Wait, before you start yapping, let me just say… Me: Snort!

    RT @HerbieGookins: Kids are being unusually good today. Makes me wonder if there’s a piano suspended above my head that I don’t know about.

    @CandySteele Why thank you Candy. You also rock.

    @redclaydiaries It’s exactly like that…

    @redclaydiaries don’t make me go samurai ghetto on you. It’s a lethal combination.

    @sarahmsalter You know, real monkeys are actually quite vile. Have you been to the zoo lately?

    @muchl8r – Thank you for that clarification, because I was about to call you out on that one.

    RT @muchl8r: Let me modify that. More colorful language than MOST church people.

    RT @muchl8r: Hanging out with the unsaved moving guys at the office. They have more colorful language than church people:)

    I got an email from someone I don’t know with an overseas phone # saying “for friendship”. Um….ewh

    RT @JeanneDamoff: @katdish Broody? Don’t make me skip and frolic my way over there. //Snort!

    So true. I like the way E B White says it: “Omit useless words.” (in reply to: @katdish I’ll save ya time: So the writer who breeds more words than he needs, is making a chore for the reader who reads. Dr. Seuss)

    @JeanneDamoff Yes, well…He’s sort of broody sometimes. You know how you writers get…

    I’m calling you out. Right here on the twitter. Have a nice day.

    So, here’s the deal. If you follow me thru one of the auto-follow robots & then unfollow me 24 hrs later when I don’t refollow (cont.)

    @billycoffey How’s that?

    AHEM! I hereby apologize for misreading @billycoffey ‘s tweet about twitter fighting. He is no longer dead to me.

    @billycoffey If you don’t know, then you’re even deader to me. Oh wait…I misread that last tweet. Nevermind…

    RT @weightwhat: @katdish I admit to nothing. //So are you saying you can neither confirm nor deny my previous tweet?

    @billycoffey You didn’t even last 24 hours – DEAD TO ME!

    @makeadiff21 I’m not bad, I just tweet that way…

    I think @weightwhat stalks the twitter then pounces on unsuspecting victims.

    @br8kthru True. I could understand if she was a yankee, but a southerner should be all up in Dr Pepper.

    @br8kthru Yes, well. If that doesn’t work there’s always the exorcism route…(in reply to: @katdish she’s still unrepentant but I believe through my example she will see the light…)

    @marni71 Yes. I knew that already. But Jesus loves him anyway. (in reply to: @katdish That’s a good call. Just don’t take @br8kthru ‘s side. EVER. He just revealed he’s from Oklahoma.)

    @Helenatrandom Whatever y’all are talking about, I’m on Helen’s side…

    Twitter quarrels, the escaltor pitch, and enriching lives through the power of social media

    More random silliness from me and the gang on the twitter this week. I’ll admit I didn’t spend much time there this week, but I still managed to tweet more than I thought I did, which is typically the case. I imparted some valuable advice to top literary agent Rachelle Gardner, and at the moment Billy Coffey is no longer dead to me, but there’s always tomorrow…

    @Brian_Russell wrote a great gripe piece about social media on his blog this week. You should check it out: Social Media, What a Fad.

    The best (or not) of me on the twitter:

    Gotta go interface with the non-virtual world. Miss me.

    @redclaydiaries Clowns, blue man group, mimes, televangelists, etc…And frogs – but that’s another story… (in response to: @makeadiff21 I love your avatar. Has @katdish talked to you since you changed it? I hear she’s skeered of clowns…)

    @redclaydiaries Yes. I am afraid of clowns – Well technically not clowns per sea, just people with make up covering their face…(cont.)

    RT @br8kthru: @billycoffey there are plenty of days I’d love to be sweating rather than stuck in a cubicle (TWSS)

    @marni71 Also, @weightwhat just informed @sarahmsalter what TWSS meant. How could anyone follow us & not know that?

    @marni71 @herbiegookins has a mouse in her house & I wrote a post about her socks in a box. #drseuss

    @sarahmsalter Do you speak pig latin? Because @herbiegookins can probably translate if not

    @HerbieGookins That’s why…

    On my blog today, @herbiegookins will stroll down memory lane w/ @rachaelmphillip & her dad’s sock.

    @sarahmsalter You know, @weightwhat is pretty crafty herself. And yes, I mean that in more than one way.

    @HerbieGookins Hey! What’s your mom’s twitter handle again? Is it @rachaelmphillips?

    @muchl8r Not really. I’m doing some behind the scenes stuff. Very hush, hush…I could tell you, but then I’d have to – well, you know…

    @Helenatrandom Thank you, sweet Helen. I’m expounding on Beth’s comment from my Socktacular post.

    @Helenatrandom Yes. Despite that fact that he delights in annoying me, he has his redeeming qualities (referring to @PuriChristo)

    @muchl8r Yes. I’m actually painting children

    Dear blogs in my sidebar: I’m really sorry. I’ll catch up soon. I promise.

    RT @marni71: The ball was on the cart path. Why don’t you look up the rules…shankapotomus. //I love that baby!

    Hey Y’all! Miss me? Well miss me some more. I got some stuff to do.

    @billycoffey Yes, you do. Is today garbage day? Perhaps you could wrestle a garbage can bear. (in response to: @katdish I do need some gratuitous violence, don’t I?)

    @billycoffey Which has more gratuitous violence? I’m guessing the Bond movie.

    @br8kthru We never talk anymore Jason.

    @shrinkingcamel Hmmm….don’t know about that. (in response to: Yesterday I referred someone to @katdish as @billycoffey’s “Handler.” Was that inappropriate?)

    Do you like the book “The Giving Tree”? Read my blog and find out why you’re wrong.

    Okay. I’ve got to get off the twitter. @weightwhat @Helenatrandom – stop talking about @billycoffey via DM. I know how you are…

    @Helenatrandom In reference to your DM – Bahahahahaha!!!!!! That’s what she said.

    @CandySteele Have you tried duct tape?

    Oh, nevermind….there she is. Hey @marni71!

    Okay. How come I can’t see @marni71 on my tweetdeck! Head will ROLL, people!

    I hereby claim intellectual property rights on the aforementioned tweet.

    Thank you, @redclaydiaries . AHEM! @katdish – enriching lives thru the power of social media (R with a circle around it).

    @redclaydiaries I’m enriching lives thru the power of social media. You know, the usual…

    @weightwhat Sitting here contemplating my day. Waiting on some stuff…(She says mysteriously)

    @RachelleGardner feel free to use my escalator pitch. That’s pretty much golden. (in response to: Speaking to writers group tonight about elevator pitches, taglines & synopses. Guess I’d better think about what to say.)

    RT @billycoffey: @HerbieGookins I’m not that transparently childish, am I? // Wow. That’s too easy.

    @PeterPollock Are you trying to make me angry? Do you really want to face my wrath?

    I big pink fuzzy heart @badbanana I know I’ve said that before, but it bears repeating…

    RT @badbanana: We need more solidarity in this country. Like in the 1970s when we all joined together to defeat Ring Around the Collar.

    @RachelleGardner I have a escalator pitch, where I talk to you while running up the down escalator. Very effective, and quite the workout. (in response to: @katdish Especially if you’re planning to pitch ME.)

    @prodigaljohn You need to write a post about puppet ministry, but warn me first. Those things freak me out

    @RachelleGardner Especially if the conference is held in a hotel with an elevator.

    RT @RachelleGardner: If you’re going to a conference anytime soon, be SURE to polish your elevator pitch!

    @PuriChristos Oh, he’ll come groveling back. They all do…(in response to: @katdish did you hear that @billycoffey is taking back his apology?)

    RT @billycoffey: @katdish ((sorry)) // LADIES & GENTLEMEN, My public apology from @billycoffey. Carry on…

    RT @redclaydiaries: @weightwhat Me and triple the Jonas… Yes, that sounds strangely soothing. And yes, TWSS.

    @billycoffey Shhhh! Don’t talk. (in reply to: @PeterPollock @katdish Again?! This has happened before?!)

    @PeterPollock I don’t know what happened. I tell you, I’m dangerous (in reply to: @katdish again?)

    @PeterPollock Well, somebody messed up the contact page on somebody’s website. Sorry.

    RT @godhasablog: I’m mentioning @katdish in this tweet only because I want @BridgetChumbley to RT it.

    @PuriChristos Remember what? Oh, you mean that writer guy that I used to be helping? He’s dead to me.

    @godhasablog That explains @purichristos (in reply to: @PuriChristos Actually, I’m quite squeamish. I Created the really gross things because they’re vital to Life, but I kept my eyes closed.)

    RT @InkPanther: I was in the middle of writing this tweet when Kanye started yelling at me that @katdish has better tweets. //Snort!

    RT @godhasablog: @katdish Um…. ew. //What? They’re kosher…

    I want a hot dog. Just thought I’d share that little tidbit of information. You’re welcome.

    @billycoffey You wish…(in reply to: @BridgetChumbley @katdish sent me a DM and apologized profusely. Since I’m the forgiving sort, I let it slide.)

    @sarahmsalter The neti pot is wonderful. Don’t be a hater…

    Dear people sending me “get more followers instantly” tweets. Stop doing that please.

    Me: Did you put the dog up on the stool? Daughter: I’m helping him conquer his fear of heights.

    RT @llbarkat: @katdish lol, re: Brad’s poetic inspiration // I bet it was a good box wine.

    Please do the EXACT OPPOSITE of whatever @PuriChristos says. Thank you, kind and wonderful followers whom I appreciate immensely.

    @PuriChristos He will most likely never recover. (in reply to: @katdish @billycoffey must really feel bad for calling u evil now that that truth is out there)

    @PuriChristos Sort of like Nicholas and Ridiculous? (in repy to: @katdish hmmm awesome rhymes with possum, yeah anone that was a child of the 80s should know that one. Awesome Possum.)

    @BridgetChumbley Don’t worry, Bridget. I’ll talk to @billycoffey again when he makes a public apology & writes a book of my awesomeness.

    RT @shrinkingcamel: Has anyone else noticed that “Possum” rhymes with “Awesome?” Cool, right? //Enjoying a bottle of wine tonite Brad?

    @PuriChristos I left to get ice cream. @billycoffey left bc he knows I’m right. (in reply to: Where did the @katdish @billycoffey throwdown disappear to? someone said someone was evil and they weren’t apologizing cuz they are stubborn)

    I’m going to get some icre cream….

    RT @PuriChristos: @katdish u stole that from me but I stole it from someone else so I guess it’s ok //banjo tweet credit to Nick.

    RT @billycoffey: @katdish YOU CAN’T QUIT ME KATDISH!!//You may commence groveling.

    @billycoffey I’m sorry….I see your lips moving but all I can hear is banjo music…(in reply to: @katdish You wouldn’t say that if you weren’t evil.)

    @BridgetChumbley Well, it was just fine until @billycoffey said I was evil. He’s dead to me…

    RT @billycoffey: @katdish That’s because you’re evil. //You are so in trouble…

    RT @PuriChristos: Sometimes I like to RT tweets that mention RTing. //Me too!

    Sometimes I like to RT stuff that makes no sense unless you’re privy to the conversation.

    RT @HerbieGookins: @katdish My friend had free eggplants. So I took two! 🙂

    @HerbieGookins Why? Why would you do that? (in reply to: I’m going to attempt eggplant parmesan this evening. And I’ve never eaten eggplant before?? Oh well…)

    RT @n8sant: The second tower falls at this moment, 8 years ago. #DoNotForget.

    RT @n8sant: The first tower falls at this moment, 8 years ago. #DoNotForget.

    @mylestones Ah, yes. My children always say please and thank you when they’re insulting me

    @MattTCoNP Can’t get ANYTHING past me, can you?

    RT @MattTCoNP: I know what ‘Stuff Christians Like’ is going to be about tomorrow. How do I know this…? //BC you’re guest blogging?

    Follow @inkpanther because….Oh, just do it because I said so

    @mylestones Aren’t they just adorable? When my daughter was 4, she would say, “Mom, would you please stop talking to me?”

    Stuff Christians Like is high on the list of Top 100 Church Blogs! Numero (whatever the Spanish word for 4 is) Baybee! @prodigaljohn

    And again…Sorry/You’re welcome.

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