If you have Google set up as your default when you log on the internet as I do, why not take it a step further: Set up iGoogle as your default! It’s awesome! When I log on, it not only shows me if I have any new g-mail, but also my local weather, the latest youtube videos, breaking headlines, movie times, and a map of San Franciso. Granted, I haven’t been to San Franciso in 20 years, and have no immediate plans to visit the bay area, but it’s comforting to know that I have the map, just in case.

As an added bonus, iGoogle also offers me not one, but TWO “How to’s of the Day”. Today’s choices are: “How to Protect a Stolen Mobile Phone” and “How to Make an Origami Samurai Helmet”. Ironically, two things that have really been on my heart lately.

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