Meeting You Here

It’s been too long since I met with you last. At that place where the world fades away and I feel closest to you.

Today was that day. As the morning began to slip away, I waited. But my original plans were put off and then changed.

Still, a promise is a promise. To myself, but more importantly, to my little girl. So what started out as a party of four became a party of two. Well, three…but you know what I mean.

Getting there proved a bit more stressful and time consuming than anticipated, but eventually the crowded streets of downtown Houston…

Gave way to the crowded streets of Galveston.

Until at long last, I stood at that place where I feel closest to you.

Funny how crowds seem to distract me everywhere else but here. Here I can always find solitude as the waves drown out everything else.

You show me that holding things in will only last so long. That my walls may appear strong, but you are stronger.

You wash away my walls and remind me that you are my fortress.

So once again I run to you, like I’ve done so many times before when I’ve gotten too far from you.

And you give me back my joy.

Thanks for meeting me here.


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