A Gentle Call for Unity

If you’ve found your way over to my blog via the One Word Blog Carnival – Gentleness, welcome! It’s probably a stretch to say this particular post fits into that category. Just consider this post a cleansing of the palette if you will. A chance for a bit of silliness in your hectic day. Sorry/you’re welcome…

Last week I posted an Easter candy review that included a Peeps epic battle scene at its conclusion. Not surprisingly (for this blog, anyway), I received comments from disgruntled bunnies demanding a rematch against the chick peeps. Here is the result:

(Sorry, BunBun. Those little suckers were just top heavy!)

Yesterday, I posted links to Billy Coffey and Bryan Allain’s blogs where they argued their cases why you should root for either the Yankees or the Red Sox, respectively. And while I know the following video will not sway a devoted fan either way, in this particular battle, well, see for yourself…

But enough with all of this discourse and dissension! What the world needs now, is Love. Sweet Love. We need to put aside our differences and become the Great American melting pot we once were!

Now, if you’ll excuse me…I have a microwave that needs a good cleaning.

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