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I wasn’t really on the tweetdeck much this week, so you would think I wouldn’t have many tweets to sort through. Sheah, right… (And yes, they’re in backwards order, as always.)

The best of me (or not) on the twitter this week:

@SBeeCreations Snort! And dang it! (in reply to SBeeCreations @katdish sounds like you may need to do an extra load of whites)

If driving up slowly behind my 12 YO son & honking the horn is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

@dlrayburn @Brian_Russell Yesh! That’s the word. Yeah, I can’t do that.(in reply to @dlrayburn @katdish Telekinesis?)

Oh, not mind control. What is that think where you move things with your mind? Besides my innate stubbornness I mean.

Despite repeated attempts at mind control, the sheets have NOT put themselves back on the bed. Bummer.

@Brian_Russell Come to think of it, the stuff in my brain? Not sure the world is ready for that

@Brian_Russell So what I need to do, is to transfer what’s in my brain on to paper, then figure out how to get that on a computer.

@Brian_Russell No, because I don’t see one I want. This is why I create. Because the stuff in my brain is not readily available anywhere. (in reply to Brian_Russell @katdish Well, yeah… you need help deciding?)

@unmarketing I’m pretty smart for a girl. (in reply to unmarketing @katdish glad you noticed that 🙂

@unmarketing Wait…did you write a blog post about not writing blog posts?

@CassandraFrear @billycoffey wrote a post about Sponge Bob boxers. I’m still deleting viagra spam comments. (in reply to CassandraFrear I’m getting spam for Valium. What did I tweet?)

@myapronstrings You’re so good. I really should get you to design my blog. But after you’re done, you would hate me.

@TheBonnieGray The secret is less Facebook. I try not to go there much, unless I having a burning desire to play Farmville, which I never do (in reply to TheBonnieGray When Twitter, Blogging or Facebooking Stresses Make This UR ONE Ambition)

It is now, BTW.

So, after over a year on twitter, I noticed that my actual name is not on my account. Duh…

RT @pamelajclements: Great meeting with @billycoffey to plan launch of Snow Day. What a GREAT read. I LOVE the part about the Tonka Truck.

@Brian_Russell @PeterPollock is my go-to geek, I just can’t decide what I want. (in reply to Brian_Russell @katdish Heck, I’m sure some people on the internet would LOVE to help you design a website! 🙂

@PeterPollock Can I just draw a picture of a layout I want and you miracle it up for me?

So apparently, wordpress themes with pictures of couches are a big deal. I don’t see the appeal of that.

@nkehr I’m sorry….who are you? Snort! Just kidding. Thanks so much! (in reply to nkehr Talented but not stuck up! – – > See here right here #FF @katdish – – go…go on!)

@br8kthru Yes. I was trying to behave myself… (in reply to br8kthru @billycoffey that’s a TWSS set-up if I’ve ever seen one… 🙂

RT @billycoffey: In the end, all we can do is hang on tight and smile when it’s over ~

“If truth is beauty, how come no one has their hair done in a library?” – Lily Tomlin

@Peacegardenmama Thank you. And I’d just like to say in advance, Sorry/you’re welcome. (in reply to Peacegardenmama @billycoffey I just followed @katdish. See the influence you have? 🙂

@billycoffey Aw, thanks. You too. (in reply to billycoffey If you’re following me, you should be following @katdish. Because she’s awesome. #FF)

@monicasharman What is a @tweetmeme button? And @llbarkat is not the boss of me. (in reply to monicasharman @katdish You should think about getting a @tweetmeme button. @llbarkat said so (which is reason enough).

@NargesNirumvala Low Carb Monster completes me. (in reply to NargesNirumvala @katdish Hi Katdish, that stuff doesn’t look healthy. 😉

Switching from coffee to low carb monster and….it’s GO time!

@Becks_Beer Agony Uncle Beck? So, you’re giving advice based on your years of life experience? What are you, 25?

@amysorrells Are you following my friend @herbiegookins? She lives in Johnny Cougarville too.

RT @SBeeCreations: @katdish Taiwan version of AI. Boy sounds like Whitney Houston. It’s amazing.

@amysorrells What grows in Texas? Around here mostly fire ant mounds and crawfish holes.

@JodyHedlund Exactly. God is sooo good! (in reply to JodyHedlund @katdish @rachelheldevans Seriously. I thank God in advance for the big movie deal I’m sure he’s planned for me. 😉

@rachelheldevans That’s so true! I often thank God in advance for the awesome parking spot He’s going to miracle me at the mall. (in reply to rachelheldevans A friend’s FB status: “I can’t believe God gave us a house!” One response: “It’s because you are one of God’s favorites!” (???)

@chrissulli Hey, you’re being productive at failing. That counts, right? (in reply to chrissulli @katdish Pretty well, just trying to be productive and failing)

@chrissulli Currently, I’m doing laundry and defaming a childrens book. How goes it with you?

@muchl8r Hey now…I’m liking this avatar! And you’re right. You’re way meaner than Jon Acuff, which is cool. ( in reply to muchl8r One of my co-workers just compared me to Jon Acuff as he’s listening to “Stuff Christians Like” -I’m meaner, but it still made my day :D)

So…I will be posting 3 peeps videos tomorrow. I know. You’re welcome.

@amysorrells Oh, well. I’m all about casting out Devils…Go DAWGS! But don’t expect me to miss Jack Bauer… (in reply to amysorrells @katdish Ha! You crack me up. Wait . . . that’s what you’re supposed to say . . . Anyway, root 4 the DAWGS to cast some DEVILS outta here!

@amysorrells Butler and Duke? Is that a dog fight or is the hired help fighting again?

Why yes, as a matter of fact, I AM easily amused…

Yankees were the clear cut winner.

I decided to settle the Yankees vs Red Sox battle in the only fair way.

Wondering how to work in a Peeps battle into the topic of “Gentleness” for the blog carnival…

@duane_scott Texan? Nah, I’m bad. I’m nationwide. (in reply to duane_scott @katdish Goodmorning Texan!)

Oh, and we’re on the 5th hole.

I’m not a golfer. How many Mulligans are acceptable when playing 9 holes? So far I’ve counted 7 from the guy my son is playing with.

@lorencklein Don’t drink and golf! (in reply to lorencklein @katdish I pulled a Dukes of Hazzard stunt with a golf cart once. I snapped the springs on the rear axle and cracked the axle itself. Fun!)

Getting ready to take my son to play 9 holes of golf, mostly because I really like driving the golf cart…

RT @Matt_SLife: I probably need to work on my indecisiveness… Maybe. I don’t know… Nevermind.

Biting one’s tongue is an acquired taste.

@CassandraFrear I’m a mystery wrapped inside an enigma. Or something like that… (in reply to CassandraFrear @katdish Later, I worried that it could seem snarky. But I didn’t mean it that way. I’m hooked, reading your writing! You fascinate me.)

RT @XIANITY: TECHNOLOGY: Responding to criticism, Apple® renames the iPad® to the more appropriate iDol®

Sorry/you’re welcome! Have a great weekend!

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