What’s so great about church?

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I was all prepared to write something light and silly today, but I’m still thinking about yesterday’s post and the great comments. I’m not going to bash anyone here (much), I’m just very weary of hearing and reading about everything that’s wrong with the church. Yes, we’ve made mistakes, and we will continue to make mistakes, because the Body of Christ is made up of broken and flawed people. And while I’m fairly confident all Christians still believe,

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” – John 3:16

there are things we will never completely and collectively agree upon. We can have honest and respectful debates about our differences. And that’s okay with me.

What’s not okay with me is when I hear or read someone ranting and raving about all the things wrong with the church.

Because let’s just be honest, shall we?

They’re not complaining about what’s wrong with the church,

they’re complaining about what’s wrong with your church.

Because they’ve got it all figured out, don’t they?

Except, maybe the fact that we’re all the church. One big, broken messy family who chose Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Each time I read another book, article or blog post that tears down the Body without building it up, I wonder what God must think of us. I like the way my friend Jeanne Damoff puts it, “There goes the Bride of Christ, shooting herself in the foot again.”

But, hey. It’s Friday! I don’t want to end on a sad note. So I’d like to ask you, what’s GOOD about the church? Either the Church (big C) or the little body of believers you call home? I’ll start, kay?

What I love about church:

  • I love that this little church plant I’m a part of made it past our first year–not only healthy, but thriving–without the support of a church planting organization and without a proven model to emulate. Well, except the Acts 2:42 model. Lots of people said it couldn’t be done, but with God, all things are possible.
  • I love that Jeff Hogan (my pastor) makes regular references to “The Princess Bride” in his sermons.
  • I love that we do stuff like go camping for a weekend and have church service at a state park.
  • I love that folks recognize their brokenness but don’t necessarily feel the need to wallow in it.
  • I love that we have such dedicated and loving men and women teaching our children. I also love that we probably have as many kids at our church as we have adults. Some days the kids actually outnumber the adults, and my daughter is excited about going to church every week.
  • I love that my church family really does feel like family.
  • I love that the usual 80-20 volunteer rule doesn’t apply. Everyone contributes something.
  • I love that when we used to meet in our home on Sunday, Buddy Love the dog would howl at Jeff during prayer time.

Okay, your turn. What do you love about church? If you don’t go to church, what do you love about Sunday?

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