Don’t Quit until the Picture’s Complete

Ironically, this final post about not quitting until the picture is complete was never posted. Oops. Guess I quit before I was supposed to. But this is the final post in the series. Better late than never I suppose.

Next week I’ll resume my regular guest blogger Wednesday. The first one is a great short story from one of my new favorite writers.

(Excerpt from Duma Key by Stephen King)

How to Draw a Picture (Part 11)

Don’t quit until the picture’s complete. I can’t tell you if that’s the cardinal rule of art or not, I’m no teacher, but I believe those six words sum up all I’ve been trying to tell you. Talent is a wonderful thing, but it won’t carry a quitter. And there always comes a time–if the work is sincere, if it comes from that magic place where thought, memory, and emotion all merge–when you will want to quit, when you will think that if you put your pencil down your eye will dull, your memory will lapse, and the pain will end. I know all this from the last picture I drew that day–the one of the gathering on the beach. It was only a sketch, but I think that when you’re mapping hell, a sketch is all you need.

“The road must be long to the goal. There can be no other way. We may pray that the way be shorter, we may curse that it’s so endless, but there’s a reason for our steps. If the goal is worthy, the journey to it really doesn’t matter. Our purpose in life is one that is not granted by us to us, but granted by God to the people He wishes us to become. We are made new upon the road. Changed. Upon that road we grow into ourselves. Great dreams require great suffering. It must be so. Because great suffering is required to make great people, and only great people are worthy of great dreams.” ~ Billy Coffey

If you have a dream, I think the staying power of that dream has much to do with how much the dream has you. And if the dream has you, you have an obligation to see that dream through. Your dream may be a noble one, but it can also be painful. There very well be times when you’re ready to give up; to allow the pain to numb your desire to see it through. But don’t. If you have a worthy dream you also have an obligation to see that dream through. It’s been said that nothing worth having is easy to attain.┬áSometimes getting there is painful. But the hurt that lies in trying to turn that dream into a reality is nothing compared to the numbness that lies in giving up on that dream and looking back at the end of your life saying to yourself, “If only…”

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