Unpacking #Exponential 2012

You may have noticed my absence from the blogosphere this week. (Or not.)

I left Monday afternoon with my husband and our dear friends Jeff and Tamara (who also happen to be our pastor and his wife) bound for Orlando, Florida.

Not for Disney or Universal Studios, but to the largest church planters conference in the US: Exponential.

This is a return trip for the four of us. The first was four years ago when Convergence Christian Church was little more than a dream and a vision. Now, having just celebrated our 3rd birthday as a church, Exponential was a much different experience than it was back then.

Not only am I unpacking books, brochures and swag from the conference, I’m also unpacking all the things I heard there. Whereas four years ago I took everything I heard as (forgive the word choice here) gospel, I’m more discerning now and more likely to question. Which is not to say we didn’t hear some great ideas. We did.

But I also think there’s not one absolute right or wrong way to plant a church.

Anyway, still unpacking and digesting some ideas. Hoping to regurgitate some onto you next week.

You’re welcome.

Have a great weekend.

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