A Christmas Poem

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Twas just days before Christmas and all thru the web
Were boycotts and protests over things that were said
By an old bearded fellow not dressed all in red,
But donned up in cammo right up to his head.

Some people were outraged that this man had the nerve
To equate being gay to being a perv.
Still others were mad that the A&E station
Would put Mr. Phil on a long term vacation.

On Twitter, on Facebook and on Google Plus
They ranted, they chanted, they raised a big fuss.

“That man’s homophobic and racist as well!
He thinks all gay people are going to hell!”

“The network is spineless! They caved into GLADD!
What happened to free speech we’re all spose’ to have?”

And all felt compelled to add their two cents:
“Whose side are you on? Don’t sit on the fence!”

Though I have my opinions, I’ve been mute on the topic.
At this point I wish everyone would just stop it.

It’s Christmastime people! Or have you forgotten?
When God sent His son, His only begotten.

Can we all for a moment set aside this distraction
and agree on our Savior as the central attraction?

Let’s stop all this grumbling and be of good cheer.
We can all resume bitching at the first of the year!

Merry Christmas!

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