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Leaving Holes

I know I promised an incessant ranting post, or another “Official versus Unofficial” post, but in case you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit undisciplined, and you’re not the boss of me. This blog is a bit like life, aka a giant box of chocolates: you never know what you’re going to get. On one visit you might bite into a delicious bit of wisdom, on another you bite into the one filled with toothpaste. You can decide for yourself which one this is.

(The previous paragraph was brought to you in part by Forrest Gump and Jim Gaffigan.)

Last night was rehearsal for our praise band. I like to blog about stuff we talk about at rehearsal sometimes. Mostly because I like it when Jeff says stuff like, “Wow. You really do pay attention when I’m talking. Who knew?”

We are a new band made up of people who have all played together before. That’s an important distinction. I think we had a very good, solid sound when we were all apart of another band with a fairly decent worship CD to prove it. But in order to move forward, we have to remind ourselves that how we used to do it, no matter how great it might have been, can sometimes hold us back from something new God wants us to discover. Incidentally, that applies to a whole host of experiences in and out of ministry. I feel a tangent coming on, so I’ll just move forward with what this post is supposed to be about…

If you’ve ever been part of a band, specifically a bar band, you know that the goal of playing in the band is typically to get yourself into a better band. You will look for holes within a song to fill up with your own personal awesomeness. This could be anything from a screaming lead guitar solo, an extended drum solo, or an incredibly annoying, warbley Mariah Carey descant. You look out for numero uno.

When you play for the glory and honor of God, the approach is the exact opposite. You begin to leave holes and give your band mates opportunities to fill them, keeping in mind that the biggest hole left should be the one that only God can fill. Otherwise, you’re just a glorified bar band. I hope this is making as much sense here as it does in my head. Maybe if I give you an example it will make more sense:

May we always allow a God-sized hole in our lives for Him to dwell. A very blessed Resurrection Sunday to you all.