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We interrupt this Twitter update for a special annoucement

A VERY brief twitter update this week. Sorry, I’m pretty stoked about some other news, which I will get to in a minute. For now, here’s the shortest twitter update ever:

@peterpollock: The slave driver has put me to work again!…. just sayin’

@katdish: @PeterPollock Mush! Mush!


@katdish: @billycoffey Thanks. Staying busy?

@billycoffey: @katdish Sigh…yes. And cold and wet.

@katdish: @billycoffey Oh, don’t fret. I have a feeling your week will end on a high note.

@BridgetChumbly: @katdish All this ‘code’ talk between you and @billycoffey is driving me crazy! Will we get to hear this news on Friday, or no???

@billycoffey: @BridgetChumbly Hmmm….

@katdish: @BridgetChumbley Stay tuned….


@katdish: RT @PeterPollock: I’m scared this morning. I was woken up by orders given through twitter DM’s… I’m just obeying, it’s safest //Mwha ha ha


So what’s the big news? Well, hang on…I tell you in just a minute. But first…

Billy has done some really great interviews. I’ve enjoyed each and every one of them. But no one does an interview quite like my pal Matt at the Church of No People. Here’s a brief excerpt from Billy Coffey’s latest interview with Matt:

Your writing has a signature style. It’s been said by readers such as myself that it can be calming like a butterfly, fierce and poignant like a tiger, or ironic like a three-legged dog. What do you say?

I would say my style resembles a three-legged dog who gets so distracted by chasing a butterfly that he doesn’t see the tiger that comes along and eats him.

Now as a test of writing dexterity, I’m thinking of three random things: a hula-hoop, a pudding cup, and that three-legged dog from the previous question. Can you write an inspiring story using all three?

To read how Billy answers this and other questions, hop on over to Matt’s blog,
The Church of No People. I’ll wait right here….

Are you back so soon? Did you go read the interview? Good, huh?

Okay. Here’s the big news: I’m not going to tell you. You have to go HERE. to read about it. Okay…bye!