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Austin Adventure

Most of you know I spent last weekend visiting my dad just outside of Austin. It was a very laid back visit with lots of time just hanging out by the cement pond watching the kids swim and reading a couple of manuscripts. (I say that like I read manuscripts all the time.) I’m just very fortunate to have met some very good writers through this blog that for whatever reason didn’t laugh at me when I asked to read their work. (I’ll most likely give you the 411 on what I read at a later date.)

Sunday we visited Gateway Community Church and met the guest preacher, Vince Antonucci. It was a great way to kick off a laid back Father’s Day.

So, guess what my husband wanted to do while in Austin?

He wanted to go to the Graceland of Outdoor Manly Stuff – Cabela’s.

I must admit. I’ve always been pretty impressed with the Bass Pro Shop near our house – boats, a huge fish tank, lots of dead animals stuffed and displayed everywhere. Plus, that place is huge! At least I THOUGHT it was huge. That was before I went to Cabela’s. How many stores do you know that have their own water tank in the parking lot, hmmm?

Bass Pro Shop is a skinny punk compared to Cabela’s. If Bass Pro Shop was lying on the beach, Cabela’s would come up, kick sand in his face and steal his girlfriend away.

That’s how much better Cabela’s is than Bass Pro Shop.

We went to Bass Pro last night to pick up something for the boat. I actually felt bad for it. All this time I thought it was so great, but I found myself at the entrance trying to convince it,

“It’s not you, it’s me.”

I won’t give you a run down of how massive a store Cabela’s is. I’ll just share a few camera phone shots with you:

Doesn’t that moose look majestic? Sure, the coins in the water and fake rocks take away from his dignity a bit, but still…

There’s something very impressive about the rack on this deer, but I forgot what it is… (Investigative journalist I am not.)

Um…yeah. That’s an airplane up there, and there’s every kind of game animal you can imagine in that place, and they are everywhere!

Polar bear? Check. Buffalo? Check.

So, what did you do last weekend?