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Short, Sweet and Silly (Hey, kinda like Sherri!)

Last night I checked in on my friend Stacey. She writes a blog about her struggles with infertility, and even though that’s not a topic I’m personally familiar with, that’s not all she writes about. Plus, she’s just a really cool gal and I dig her. Anyway, her latest post talked about the fact that she has a) already finished decorating for Christmas, and b) she and her husband are in the midst of a kitchen remodel. (Considering that my Christmas tree is still in the attic and I have yard art strewn about my front lawn like a bad scene out of some “B” movie Christmas horror flick, that just kinda makes my head swim!) She’s very organized and neat. Sort of like me only completely different. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah — she also mentioned that she and her husband eat lunch together every day. They’re so sweet on each other it literally makes my molars ache. Yesterday, her DH brought home some chicken pot pie for lunch. (Which, BTW Helen – do you have any CPP recipes? Cause I love me some chicken pot pie!) Her hubby left a sweet comment to her with a follow up that had a link to this video:

And because I have been singing this little ditty for roughly the past 4 hours, I just wanted to share it with you. Enjoy!