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Snippets (by Elizabeth aka Clarity-Chaos)

One of the things I really like about blogging and social media (okay – Twitter mostly – I’ve just never much been into Facebook, et. al. – but that’s just me…and I digress).

Where was I? Oh yeah…One of the things I like about what I was just talking about is the whole seven degrees of Kevin Baconness of the experience. I’m pretty sure I know Elizabeth through Heather of the EO, who I know through Jon Acuff of Stuff Christians Like. But who knows for sure? Throw Twitter into the mix with a bunch of seemingly unrelated bloggers and it’s all one big smorgasbord of information and awesomeness.

A few days ago, Elizabeth mentioned on the twitter that she was introducing this new idea on her blog. And I think it’s pretty much brilliant, and artsy and cool. I also thought the more folks involved in it the better. But I’ll let Elizabeth tell you about it:

“It is impossible that you have no creative gift…the only way to make it live and increase is to use it….” says the inspirational Brenda Ueland (1891-1985).

I had the idea rolling around in my brain for a while. Pages in my journal filled with little snippets – a few words strung together, a sentence or two. They dropped in from the clear blue and stood solidly alone, but they held the capacity for a great big story.

And then I thought —

I wonder what stories they’d spark in someone else?

And Snippets was born – a new segment of collaborative art I hope to make a weekly tradition on my blog, Boy Crazy – Finding Clarity in the Chaos. Here’s the idea – each week I’ll wrap things up with a Snippet for you. Imagine a great big quilt hovering out there in our collective imagination. I’m just showing you a patch. Maybe even just a thread.

Here’s where you come in. Drop by on Fridays, read the Snippet and let your creative winds whirl. Come back anytime before Thursday night and in the comments (I’ll start a McLinky if I get enough people playing along), leave a link to your blog, your flickr page, your etsy shop, whatever you have (if it’s a verbal response, you can even leave it right there in the comment box) – and send us over to your interpretation. You can take a photo, paint a picture, design a room, write a poem, a story, a dialogue. Be literal or metaphorical.

There is no right way to do this.

Won’t you come play along? Check out Snippets {edition one} for a few examples, and there’s still time to contribute for this week. Tomorrow (and every Friday), I’ll link to everyone who contributed, maybe feature my favorite interpretation, and I’ll introduce the new Snippet for the upcoming week.

I’d love to see what you come up with!

And a big fat thanks to Katdish for spreading the word! I’m so excited. (Art makes me happy.)

This week’s Snippet (contribute by Thurs evening):

He was more like an onion than an artichoke.
When you peeled back all the layers, there was no heart inside.
And he always made her cry.

Super Exclusive Sneak Peak for Katdish’s readers!! (can you stand the excitement?) Next week’s Snippet (going up Friday):

And when she finally spoke, her words dropped like pebbles in a tin pail.

– elizabeth


Cool beans, huh? I know how creative y’all are in so many different areas. So please stop by and contribute to the project. I like artichokes (not so much to each but to decorate with), so I submitted this picture of the table in my front entry:

I can’t wait to see the end result!

Art makes me happy, too!


To read more from Elizabeth, visit her at Boy Crazy – Finding clarity in the chaos and follow her on the twitter at @claritychaos.