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I ♥ Dave!

No. I’m not on the outs with my hubby. “Dave” is my new laptop table, silly! You might be thinking, “She names her furniture? That’s weird even for katdish.” The thing is, IKEA (pronounced, “eye-eek-kee” by my Japanese mother, but I digress) named my laptop table. You would think that a laptop table from IKEA would have a name like FREDRIK, or HANNES, or GUSTAV, or LUDVIG, with annoying special characters over the vowels. Incidentally, those are all actual names of computer work stations available from IKEA. (And you thought I didn’t research my blog posts. Humph!) But no, in a sea of snotty Euro trash workstations, there sat Dave. Quiet, unassuming little Dave. For $29.99, I knew my purchase of him would be the start of a beautiful friendship:

While I’m thinking about it, I should tell you that shopping at IKEA on a Saturday is a pretty dumb thing to do, unless you have a burning desire to shop shoulder to shoulder with lots of other people and then wait in a long line to check out behind a couple of guys who are stocking up to go into the restuarant business and in front of a woman who decides she really doesn’t want the pillows that her infant son has drenched with drool. But once again, I digress…

Once I was finally home, Dave was assembled within minutes. He was everything I had hoped for and more:

This is Dave in his new home: my quiet little retreat I like to call “my studio”. I’ve only written one post on him, but I look forward to many more. Some of you might be saying, “But what about Planky? He has been there for you from the start! Are you going to abandon your loyal friend after so many months of loyal service?” No, peeps. Alas, I am typing on Planky as we speak:

I still love Planky. I like to type on him when my hubby is home because while I’m not sitting next to him, at least I can see him while he’s in his office. We’re all one, big happy family!

BTW – That is my cat Rudy in the picture. And no, his eyes don’t actually shine like tiny orbs of evilness. Here’s how he usually looks: