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The Results are In

The Winners are Helen and Wendy. (Please email me your 411 – okay, that was kind of lame.) I should send Candy some yard art just for spite, but I’m praying for her ungrateful heart. Also, I think Helen knows me better than some family members.

And now lemme break it down for you people:

8 Things I MAY OR MAY NOT have done Yesterday:

1. Made red beans and rice for lunch.
True – It was from a box, but it was sprinkled with love.

2. Shot a man just to watch him die.
False – I did not shoot a man to watch him die. On Wednesday.

3. Sent Donald Miller* a tweet with the word frigintastic and got a response to said tweet.
True – He posted a twitpic of a bar that I may or may not have patronized in downtown Austin. I asked if the pic was from downtown Austin, frigintastic! His response: “Absolutely. An Awesome Town.” Not so wordy in the non-book setting.

4. Threatened to kick my kids out in the rain if they messed up my clean house.
True – That’s a no brainer.

5. Got rave reviews from Simon Cowell after singing “Jenny” on American Idol for Wii.
False – I did not play the Wii on Wednesday. But I totally rock that song.

6. Alphabetized my spice rack.
False – I do not own a spice rack. We buy our spices in big redneck vats.

7. Took an extra dose of Ginkgo Biloba for good measure.
True – Having kids home from school unexpectedly requires contingency plans.

8. Booked 2 appointments with potential new clients for next week.
True – I’m fixin’ to get really busy.

8 Shows I MAY OR MAY NOT Watch

1. Best Show in the History of Television (also known as The Deadliest Catch)
True – nuff said.

2. Dancing with the Stars
False – That show is for girly girls. I’m not exactly rocking a mullet and birkenstock sandals, but I have a bit more testosterone than your average female. And say what you will about the athletic prowess of Emmitt Smith, as far as I’m concerned, he surrendered his man card when he agreed to be on that show.

3. CSI Miami
False – Sorry – David Caruso as Grown-up Angry Opie from The Andy Griffin Show doesn’t do it for me.

True – That show rocks.

5. CSI Las Vegas
True – That show also rocks. Even though I really miss Grissom and Warrick Brown. I loved me some Grissom and Warrick Brown!

6. Dirtiest Jobs
True – Mike Rowe is the second sexiest man alive, my dh being the numero uno.

7. Myth Busters
True – Blowing stuff up is awesome. Plus, if I were a tv star, I would want to be Kari Byron. She’s an artist and a knife thrower. How cool is that? She also referred to someone as a hippy, crystal gripping tree hugger on the show.

8. The Office
True That’s what she said.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do (or might actually be able to do):

1. Paint with either hand.
True – I am right/left brain confused, but sometimes it comes in handy.

2. Juggle.
False – I am a klutz of epic proportions. Juggling requires eye hand coordination.

3. Write song parodies a-la Weird Al Yankovitz.
True – I once wrote Christian lyrics to “Walk This Way” by Aerosmith. It’s not something I’m proud of, but it was my friend J.D.’s going away gift. I also wrote a parody of the song “Church on Fire” for a departing pastor who was fond of the tacky Hawaiin shirt entitled “Shirt on Fire”. I do not heart that song.

4. Recite the preamble to the Constitution.
True – I grew up on Schoolhouse Rock.

5. Play the harmonica.
False – Although I play slightly better than Alanis Morrisette.

6. Roller Skate backwards.
True – I am ALL up in that! I can skate better backward than forwards.

7. Make awesome chicken enchiladas.
True – They are awesomatastic!

8. Sing “American Pie” in its entirety (the long version) by memory.
False – Sad, but true. Dig that song, though.

8 Things I MAY OR MAY NOT be Looking Forward To:

1. Meeting some of my bloggity gal pals this summer.
True – Heck yeah!

2. Tomorrow.
True – New day. Fresh start.

3. Redoing my guest bathroom.
True – I’m planning on making a mancave for my dh.

4. Old age.
True – Even though I wish I had more nieces and nephews. Crazy Aunt Kathy has a nicer ring to it than my Crazy Mother.

5. Catching up on a season’s worth of American Idol on Tivo.
False – That show made me mad when they voted off Dirty Rocker Chris Daughtry. I watch from time to time, but I think this year’s talent is rather sucktacular.

6. Going to my husband’s high school reunion.
True – Like I’m gonna say False. He reads my blog, you know. Not every day, mind you. But it’s sort of like random drug testing. You just never know. Besides, what’s not to like about being around a bunch of people telling you stuff about your spouse that you might not know?

7. Going to Japan with my mom someday soon.
True – Although I’ll probably have to sell a kidney to be able to afford it.

8. The premiere of the movie “New Moon”.
True – Also, did you know that there’s a 5th book? Twilight from Edward Cullen’s perspective. Oh, heck yeah!

There you have it. Thirty-two things you never wanted to know about katdish. I will now open up the comments section to completely random and totally unrelated comments…

Today was a very good day

I know many have been praying for our launch, so I wanted to begin by expressing how very grateful we are for your prayers. When we got into our “prayer huddle” this morning, we prayed specifically for Jason’s church and I silently prayed for so many of my amazing friends that I have met through this medium.

Launching on Easter Sunday was an almost overwhelmingly emotional experience for me. It was probably good timing. It really drove home why we’re doing what we’re doing in the first place.

Here’s an interesting statistic that Jeff sited several weeks ago: Eighty-two percent of people that get a personal invitation to visit a church from a friend, neighbor or co-worker will respond positively to that invitation. I mentioned in an earlier post that C3 has decided not to pursue advertising right now. We’re not against advertising, we just feel that the money put towards getting our name out would be better spent in outreach and missions. The best, most effective advertising (for us, anyway) is someone who is genuinely excited about how God is moving in the life of our church; someone who cares enough about a friend, neighbor or co-worker to want to share that experience with them.

Did our launch day exceed our expectations? That’s an impossible question to answer because we had absolutely no idea what to expect. But I will share a personal example of inviting a friend to church.

Before Ron and I were married, he introduced me to a couple that were his closest friends, who quickly became my closest friends as well. We did everything with them. It was rare that a week passed without getting together with them for dinner or just to hang out. This relationship continued after we were married. After the birth of our first child, we found a church home and became very involved in several ministries there. It was a wonderful experience that I don’t regret, but because there were so many meetings and events centered around the church, we never seemed to have a free weekend to spend with our dear friends. We were so involved in ministry that we neglected to minister to our friends.

Our friends were at our first Sunday today, along with their daughter and one of her friends. We’re getting together with them in a couple of weeks. I don’t know if they will become members of our church, but I do know how much it meant to Ron and me that they were there on such a special day, and I want to honor their friendship by making time to share our lives with them.

Last Sunday, one of our core members invited a little girl from her neighborhood to church. She was so excited about being in church. She was asking, “Do you guys meet every week? Do you meet in the summertime?” If that wasn’t blessing enough, this week she showed up with her mom and seven other kids ranging in age from 4 to 14. We had an Easter egg hunt right after church today. It was pouring down raining outside, so we held it in the school cafeteria. (Having a core group member that happens to be the principal of the school you’re meeting in definitely has it advantages!) Anyway, I was looking at the group picture of all the kids with their bags full of eggs, and it occurred to me that a) 5 of our kids were missing (divorced parents – not their weekend) and b) of the 14 kids in that picture, only 5 of them belonged to members of the church. That was such a cool “ah-ha” moment for me.

We had several visitors today. I don’t know if they will be back. What I do know is that every single visitor we had was there because someone extended a personal invitation. We’re certainly not going to make any of the megachurches in the area nervous anytime soon, but that’s okay with us. It was a very good day.

I was thinking about my blogger pal Koffijah’s post, The Jesus Program this morning. Check it out. It’s really good. And if you’re reading this Koffijah, you’re still off my Christmas card list.

Thanks again for all your prayers, I felt so connected to the Church (big “C”) this morning.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a Deadliest Catch marathon calling my name. Incidentally, if you happen to have my phone number, don’t even think about calling me on Tuesday night at 8:00 p.m. central time. It’s the season premiere, and Ron and I are gonna be all up in that!