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Smile and say "Sucker"!

Dear Friend,
i am happy to inform you about my soccessful in getting a new partner in Aguru whom help me to transfered the fund into his i am in Bangkok now to use my own share of $20,000000.00usd for investment.but i do not forget your effort that you made last time to make sure that this fund had transferred into your account but at the end it seem to been in vain due to the bank charges.Because of the effort i had made the check of $1,000,000.00usd which i had kept for your contact my secretary to send the check to you whose name is REV,UBAKA EZEH / His email adress is,
phone 0022993792475 free to contact or call him.make sure that if you recieve it you do let me know to share the joy together.finally, remember that I had forwarded instruction to my secretary on your behalf to receive that money.

Hold the phones! I think I’m gonna be rich! I received this email recently and apparently, Mr. Atiku has been soccessful in getting a new partner in Agura who help him transfered $20,000000 into his account! (I guess when you’re dealing with that much money, commas are no longer necessary.) Anyhoo, once I received my ONE MILLION LARGE as compersation for my efforts, I’m gonna fly all of you down to Texas for a big ol’ phat party to share the joy together. I can hardly wait!!!