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In search of the elusive man card

I was recently awarded an honorary man card. An honor that frankly has been a long time coming, and apparently a highly sought after commodity. But how does a woman earn the right to said card? Does this mean that you are somehow unfeminine? Oh, heck no! You can still be feminine. I think you need to be to a certain extent. As a matter of fact, last time I checked, neither Rosie O’Donnell nor Whoopie Goldberg held this honor.

Actually, the way I see it, the best and fastest route to an honorary man card is to simply accept and embrace the things that are inherently manly about your man (or your male friends). That’s not to say that you necessarily have to agree with it or like it (although that doesn’t hurt your case). Just don’t expect a real man to act like a girl. That’s what your girlfriends are for.

Now here’s my vote for all-time honorary man card lifetime achievement award:

EDITOR’S NOTE: There’s absolutely no shame in not wanting a man card. Some women are naturally girly. I’m cool with that — really, I am. Just don’t try to convert me. I’m happy being me.

And speaking of men, one of my favorite pastors (who is, coincidentally a man) will be guest blogging here tomorrow: Jason S from Connecting to Impact. Y’all come back now, ya hear!

Answer: An Increase in Female Readership

Question: What is HLAC not seeing much lately?

I’m not one to complain. Okay, maybe I am, whatever. While I seem to be reaching a broader audience, I seem to have an inordinate increase in male readers and not so many female ones. I asked myself, “How can I maintain my current readers while attracting a more feminine audience?” (I didn’t say this out loud or anything. I’m not that crazy.)

One of the ideas I came up with was to change my blogger template to include flowers, butterflies and Care Bears riding atop flying unicorns over sparkly rainbows. This was a thumbs down because it might cause me to lose some guy readership, not to mention it would place my honorary man card in serious jeopardy.

Then I thought, “I know! I’ll ask Sherri the girly girl to guest post for me from time to time. But alas, this wouldn’t work, as she is spending less time blogging these days. No really, she is. She blogs about it all the time. You should check it out.

Then the idea came to me all at once when I didn’t feel like writing a blog post and wondering how many deviled eggs is “too many”. What if I asked Billy Coffey to guest post for me on a regular basis? Now you may be asking yourself, “How do you increase your female readership by asking a Virginia redneck, manly man to guest blog for you?” The answer is, go look at his comments section. Chock full o’ women! If Nicholas Cage had a blog where he wrote short stories, he would get the same kind of comments. No, wait…Sparks…Nicholas Sparks. The Notebook guy. Chicks dig that guy.

So, starting tomorrow, Mr. Coffey will be guest blogging for me on a semi-regular basis. And by “semi-regular”, I mean whenever he has the time to write a story that he won’t be posting on his own blog or writing for a publication.

How long will Billy guest blog for me? I’m not sure. Probably until some publisher comes to their senses and decides to give him a book deal. (Or when he gets a call back from “Dancing with the Stars” – whichever comes first.) Until then, I will simply be grateful that he’s agreed to write here at all. It will class the place up a bit without having to add any extraneous rainbows unicorns or butterflies.

Tune in tomorrow…

In the meantime, you can check out Billy’s blog: What I Learned Today

And Billy – Keep reaching for the stars!