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These are a few of my favorite things…

Unlike Wednesday, yesterday was a very productive day. I got a huge chunk of Christmas shopping done (by the way, Target has some pretty sweet DVDs on sale for 5 bucks), got a jacket and boots for my dog — don’t judge me — he’s a wuss, and sold some doll clothes for my mom. On top of that, I went to see my son perform in his “Non-specific Winter Holiday” choir concert, and served my children and healthy and nutritious dinner. (I think it was the Number 3 and the Number 6, no ketchup.) By the time I got home and checked my email, gmail, and blog, and then responded to I don’t even know how many comments on I’ve lost track of how many blogs, I was out of steam.

So rather than write something like, “Today I ate a sandwich and then I took a nap,” I decided to do what many bloggers do when they got nothing. I searched YouTube. BTW – I’m almost positive I stole the sandwich/nap line from Matt at the Church of No People, but now I can’t find where he wrote it.

I think I hit the jackpot here. The word “brilliant” is not something I would normally ascribe to most of the stuff I see on YouTube. But the following video combines two of my favorite things. Namely, Jim Gaffigan and Harry Potter. If you don’t think the following video is awesome, I’m not so sure we can be friends anymore. Enjoy!

Editor’s Note: I usually write a blog post the night before and then schedule it for the morning, so if I get my “todays” and “yesterdays” mixed up, I apologize. Feel free to edit as you go.

What makes you laugh?

Is it wrong that I think this guy (and this bit in particular) is hilarious? If so, please pray for me…