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Official versus Unofficial: Mascots

Let it never be said that I cannot go more than 24 hours without being ridiculous and sarcastic. My last few posts have been of the reflective variety. Granted, I had to pilfer a blog post here and there from friends, but still…

And yes, I’ve used the comments section of other blogs to be silly, but what can I say? I am what I am. I’ll have you all know that I once went almost 3 days without a sarcastic remark. Granted, I was in labor, and I guess I blew it there towards the end when I may have threatened to stab my doctor with a scalpel if she didn’t wheel me into the OR and perform a C-section. But for me, that’s fairly impressive.

I’m still feeling a bit reflective, but I want to lighten things up a bit. In keeping with my theme of the week, I wanted to talk a little about official versus unofficial monikers for a church.

Official Mascot of Convergence Christian Church: Zeke

Zeke, in my opinion, is stand alone cool. But he’s not just a mascot. He represents the Church – one body with many parts. For a detailed look at what this cute little dude represents, you can check out my post, The Building of Christ? I don’t mean to brag, but we have some incredibly gifted, talented and creative peeps at C3. One in particular who has used her award winning graphic design and marketing skills to make a somewhat sad little stick figure (no offense, Jeff) on a piece of paper come to life. Now, when I say “come to life”, I mean that in a literal sense. This little dude will be animated! It’s going to be so flippin’ sweet! I won’t mention her by name, but feel free to post a comment, D.

Zeke has been in some fairly impressive company. He has traveled to Nigeria to visit my friend Mare. He has also had his picture taken with Jon Acuff, Pete Wilson, Anne Jackson, Carlos Whittaker, Brad Lomenick (that bald guy from Catalyst), and Steph at the Red Clay Diaries – just to name a few. Look for him soon on a Facebook Page near you.

Unofficial Mascot of Convergence Christian Church: Pickboy
Pickboy was born during band rehearsal at our old church when a broken pic, a guitar string and a couple of wads of paper converged into our little blue faced friend. He’s not as cute as Zeke, and frankly he’s a bit jealous of all the attention being paid to that (his words, not mine) “PUNK STICK!”

But Pickboy is a special little guy because he represents the earliest beginnings of C3 at a time when we didn’t even know there would be a C3. A time when the earliest founding members sensed a connection with one another that went deeper than friendship; a glimpse of true fellowship. Don’t worry, Pickboy! We still love you!

NOTE: There is no truth to the rumor that the shadows you see in the foreground of the picture are those of Marge and Homer Simpson. I’m pretty sure that’s Jeff’s guitar case and head (from left to right, respectively.)

Well, I’ve rambled on long enough for today. My next post will either be about Official versus Unofficial Slogans! or I will rant incessantly about something in my trademark, completely objective manner. I’ve been watching the news on and off all week, so I’m leaning heavily towards the latter. Plus, I really liked my last incessant ranting post, especially the comments section. It was like I was giving everyone the gift of going second. And I’m generous like that.

Could I HAVE any more hyperlinks in one blog post?