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Katdishionary Part 4

It’s time for yet another installment in this never ending flowing fountain of blog fodder known as Katdishionary, where I attempt to explain the origins of made up words found here and other places I frequent around the internets.

In case you missed the first three installments, you may find them here:

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And now, on with the katdishionary:

Jesus Frying Pan(pronounced Geez-sus Fri-ing Pan)

Definition: A frying pan with an image of Jesus on it.

Origin: A Gift to Remember by Candy Steele, from the Fellowship of the Traveling Smartypants Blog. (What – you don’t follow that blog? For shame…)

“We have a wedding coming up in the family, which brings us to that endeared tradition of registering for gifts that most people can’t afford to buy for couples they barely know. So in light of the fact that I need to re-register (can’t you do that after 35 years?) and my pots and pans have seen better days (read: my family has eaten all the non-stick coating and are all going to die), I want to be gifted this pan. It doesn’t matter that I’m not the one getting married. It would make the holiest of food. Children would never misbehave at the table if Jesus was embedded in their French Toast now, would they?

And whackin’ somebody up the side of the head with it would seem so fruitful.”

HTITHWAJFP(Pronounced H-T-I-T-H-W-A-J-F-P)

Definition: Acronym for “Hit them in the head with a Jesus Frying Pan”.

Origin: Wuddup with the Side-Ways Smiley Face? Comments Section

Nick the Geek said: “I amaze my youth when I text or message them and use much more advanced terms than the simple LOL. :oD That said, when I here someone use lolspeak IRL I want to HTITHWAJFP (Hit the in the head with a Jesus Frying Pan). >:o “

Skanktinicity (Pronounced skank-ta-ne-sa-tee)

Origin: Wuddup with the Side-Ways Smiley Face?

Definition: A state of mind brought on by too many Bratz Dolls in the house.

Usage: “So, apparently I’m in a bit of a non-conformity/skanktinicity groove lately. I’ll shake the skanky thing as soon as I get the rest of those Bratz dolls out of my house. BTW – If you don’t want me to send the leftover dolls and feet to our good friend Beth, you should probably take a bullet for her and enter the contest. I think I’ve gotten her pretty worked up about that — mostly because she knows I’ll do it without blinking an eye.”

(See also Skanktacular)

IANL (Pronounced I-A-N-L)

Definition: Acronym for “I am not laughing”.

Origin: Wuddup with the Side-Ways Smiley Face? Comments Section:

Beth said: However, I am not laughing. (IANL) If those dolls show up at my house….Worked up does not begin to describe it. >:-$

Editor’s Note: Beth had recently been the recipient of a “Sox in the Box” laundry sorter from yours truly. I also sent (at no charge to her) a slightly used giant-headed, spinning and singing Dora the Explorer Mermaid Doll. She wasn’t as thrilled as you might imagine she would be…

OSLT (Pronounced O-S-L-T)

Definition: Acronym for “Or something like that”. (Although I had no clue what it meant until alert twitterer @elysa googled it for me yesterday. Thanks @elysa!

Origin: Wuddup with the Side-Ways Smiley Face? Comments Section:

Candy said: You know you have become “one of them” when you SAY “LOL” in conversation. OMG. C’mon, Kat, get with the 80’s! I started using abbreviations back in my PC Jr days. (That would have been BEFORE NtG was born). The reason was so my kids wouldn’t know what I was saying. What goes around, comes around. OSLT.

Helen said: Candy, what does OSLT mean? I am reading it phonetically and I don’t like it one bit! 😉

Katdish said: Helen – I think Candy just called you a slut. I could be wrong…


This concludes this edition of the katdishionary. I will most likely revisit the referenced post again, because it is awash in katdishionary terms.

Are you wondering what we all did before the Twitter? No…didn’t think so.

Sorry/you’re welcome!