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Platypus Rainbow

In honor of the fact that I will be undergoing some outpatient surgery today (no biggie – not to worry),I have decided to turn this over to you, gentle readers.

I know for a fact that many of you are quite creative. With this in mind, I am asking that you submit via the comments section your own haiku or haikus. Please keep in mind that I will be loopy on pain meds while reading these, so I’m sure they will all be wonderful.

I will begin with the haiku that inspired this post, courtesy of my friend Wendy from Weight What:

Haikus Are Easy
But Sometimes They Don’t Make Sense

which I emailed to my friends Jeff and Tamara, who responded in kind:

Haikus Are OK
If You Like That Sort Of Thing
The Giving Wombat

to which I responded:

Sometimes I wonder
What life is really about
Platypus Rainbow

So there you have it. Dazzle me. You’ll be glad you did…

(Or not.)