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Pardon me while I rant incessantly: Chris Matthews

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Did you see this?

Let’s put aside for a moment that MSNBC dares to call itself a news station when they chose five liberals to cover a historic national election. Nevermind that they acted like a group of giggly school children instead of a seasoned, respected group of unbiased folks who are supposed to report the news. One could make the argument that Fox News Channel is dominated by conservative views and CNN is dominated by their liberal counterparts. But in defense of both networks, they had representatives from both the democratic and republican points of view. They differentiated between opinion and fact. Which is exactly what they should do.

I suppose NBC decided they had nothing to lose, since Comcast has bought the network and is fixing to clean house, but as annoying as all of this is to me, what really bothers me is the blatent disrespect Matthews has for anyone who doesn’t share his political views.

Regardless of his personal feelings for Congresswoman Bachmann, she is a seated member of the Congress of the United States of America. Furthermore, she is a human being. Whatever happened to good manners? Respect for the office? I don’t always agree with the decisions or even the rhetoric of elected officials on either side of the aisle, but that doesn’t give me permission to attempt to publicly humiliate those I don’t agree with. You can’t knowingly set out to steal someone else’s dignity without losing some of your own.

As to his denial of the “tingly leg” comment — He never said that, huh?

Okay, thrill…not tingle. I stand corrected. Yes, Mr. Matthews. You are completely objective.

I long for the days when rude behavior was frowned upon rather than celebrated…

“I hate rude behavior in a man. I won’t tolerate it.”
~ Gus McCrae, Lonesome Dove

Happy Birthday!

In honor of my favorite guy’s birthday, I’m taking a break from my ranting and random silliness to pause and say:

Thanks for putting up with my crazy family, my short attention span and inability to keep track of my keys and other important items. Thanks for being a Godly man, a good husband and father, and for working so hard to take care of us. Thanks for being the smartest person I know without acting like it. Thanks. Just thanks for everything. I know I drive you crazy sometimes, but what’s life without a little crazy?

So, in honor of your birthday, I posted this clip from your favorite movie. Who knows? Maybe as a gift to you, I’ll sit down with you and watch the ENTIRE MINI SERIES. (Of course, that’s going to have to cover birthday and Christmas.)

A very happy birthday! Love you!