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Peeps: The Epic Battle

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Greetings! Welcome to the highly anticipated(?) Easter candy review post! First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for their feedback on Twitter. It was most helpful. I wish I could review everything, but hopefully this will be fairly representative. Special thanks to @HeatheroftheEO for the heads up on the Robin Eggs lipstick technique, and to @pagan43 for the microwave/peeps instructions. And now, on with the review.

First up. The Cadbury Creme Egg.

I know there are those among you that find these things delightful. My question to you is Why?

I don’t know what that crap in the middle is, but I’m pretty sure if you looked up the words “vile” and “putricity” in the dictionary, there would be a picture of a Cadbury Creme Egg. It is the McDonald’s McRib sandwich (aka the “McKnuckle”) of the candy world. In both cases, every few years I feel compelled to try them again to see if my senses were wrong. Each time I reconfirm my initial reaction to their disgustingness. Verdict – FAIL

A much better choice would be the Reese’s peanut butter egg. What’s not to love? It’s chocolate. It’s peanut butter. It is delicious delightfulness in the shape of an egg. Verdict – PASS

The hollow chocolate Easter Bunny is a perennial favorite.

My recommendation is to buy a small one, but that’s probably due to the fact that my stomach was still recovering from the Cadbury Creme Egg at the time of the sampling. Still, I believe less is more when it comes to chocolate rodents. Verdict – PASS

Robin Eggs are basically Whoppers wrapped in a hard candy shell. They’re pretty good, but after about five, I’m ready to move on.

But HOLD THE PHONES! As I mentioned earlier, Heather clued me into another use for Robin Eggs – an emergency substitute for lipstick. And I’m all up in multi-purposing. Verdict – WIN-WIN

I’ve never been a big fan of Peeps. They’re basically marshmallows rolled in sugar. Meh…

That is, until I learned of Peep jousting at praise team practice Tuesday night.

Oh, sure–we spend most of our time either praising Jesus, praying, or washing each other’s feet, but occasionally we get a little sidetracked…Anyway, I knew I had to try this at home. I purchased one package each of pink bunny peeps and the traditional yellow chick peeps. I attempted to ascertain if either had the advantage in a jousting match in the microwave. To assure accurate results, I have several rounds of chick vs bunny. (HLAC = integrity) The chick had a clear height advantage, and was victorious each time. I took pictures, but they didn’t turn out so well. I can only share with you the final result of the joust:

For those of you who have never witnessed Peeps jousting, I would highly recommend it. I have taken the liberty of creating a video. You’re welcome:


Also? Jolly Rancher jelly beans: there is no substitute.

This concludes my Easter candy review. No, really. I was happy to do it. I’m a giver…