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The perfect seasoning

Warning: Metaphors ahead.

If I were to invite you to my home for a meal, chances are pretty good that something you eat would be seasoned with Tony Chacere’s Creole seasoning. Like it says on the container, it’s great on everything.

Well, that’s not exactly true. I’m guessing it’s not very good on ice cream or cereal, but I’ve never tried it on either.

I do know it’s great on burgers, steaks and pretty much everything else we cook on the grill. If it had a pulse at one time, it will more than likely get at least a small shot of Tony Chacere’s at the Richards house.

But just because it may be good on most everything, doesn’t necessarily mean it should be used on everything. It’s a great seasoning for blackening fish, then again, sometimes I don’t want blackened fish. Sometimes I prefer a lemon and dill flavoring on fish and sometimes I want nothing more than some cornmeal and a little salt and pepper.

As with food, I have preferences with how I season my outlook on life circumstances. My go-to is humor. I’d rather laugh than cry, rather smile than frown. But humor isn’t always appropriate in every situation. Nothing is appropriate in every circumstance. There are choices, of course. Always choices, and how we choose to season our outlook on any given situation will have a huge impact on how we view the world.

Let me show you what I mean.

I’m going to give you two descriptions. Each will be followed by a photograph of what I’m describing:

voices of social justice, personal and financial equality,
peaceful protesters,
civil disobedience,
champions of the down-trodden,
freedom fighters,
united front,
standing up against greed and corruption,
power to the people…

image from, Occupy Wall Street

entitlement generation junkies,
drunkenness, debauchery,
lost, misdirected,
communists, useful idiots,
lazy, foolish, time wasters,
looking for meaning in their meaningless, non-contributive lives through the disruption of the lives of others.

image from, Occupy Wall Street

So which description is accurate? Probably neither completely, as both descriptions are extremely biased and one sided.

Our own experiences and beliefs season our outlook on life and on the lives of others. If we refuse to even consider how others who don’t share our values might see the world, we will more than likely stay in the mess we’re in.


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