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Shopper’s Alert!

Are you sitting at home thinking how truly awesome it would be to find a one-stop shopping place for all the things in life you really should not live without?

You’d love a Snuggie, but your dog’s nails need a trimming, a few rhinestones need to be replaced on your jean jacket, you need to increase your closet hanging space, your produce doesn’t have the fridge life you’d hoped for, you have bad mojo due to harmful foot toxins, you have a pesky overabundance of nose hair, your lace dickey is so 5 years ago, you’re having a hard time eavesdropping on your neighbors at the mailbox, you have no place to hang your bananas, there’s no good place locally to buy waterproof granny panties, you’d like to know what your cat is really trying to tell you, and your dryer is full of lint! Look no further, my friend!

One visit to the fine folks at Harriet Carter and your troubles are over, my friend! You can find all the aforementioned items and SO MUCH MORE!!! You’re welcome. Just trying to make all of your lives a bit easier. I’m generous like that.

P. S. – Who in the heck plays backgammon anymore? Wrapped in a Snuggie or otherwise?