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When creativity gets away from you

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Yesterday I posted several pictures here. For those of you who are still wondering, yes, all those projects were done by yours truly, and no, I have no formal training. Just sort of figured things out as I went along. I tend to throw myself head first into anything that fuels my creative spirit. There is an energy and a spark when you take an idea in your head and it transfers well to a final result. That goes for anything. Not just the creative arts.

Then there are times when my big plans and lack of planning get me into messes. Case in point. While turning what once was the kids playroom into a studio/office, I decided that the windowsills were cumbersome and were taking up too much space. (They protruded a whopping 2 inches.) Had my husband been in town, he would have talked me out of it. Temporarily, anyway. But when I get something in my head, I’m pretty determined to see it through. This can be very good. It can also be very bad. Here’s a post from last year. A cautionary tale:

The New Math:

Well, it’s Saturday and I am hard at work in my soon-to-be uber fantastical studio/escape from the world. I am taking a brief respite from the task at hand to give you a brief peek into the glamorous life of me. (Sure, don’t mention it.)

Here’s a new mathematical equation to ponder:

Impulsive, impatient Katdish

– methodical, practical husband

+high powered reciprocal saw

=Uh, oh…Sorry. My bad

Okee, dokey! Well, I gotta got figure out how I’m going to fix this before my DH gets home. Oh, wait…he reads my blog…DANG! So, how’s your day going?

For the record, I did fix the damage (all by myself thankyouverymuch) and the windowsills now only protrude one inch. So there…

This is also where I came up with the quote,
“The creative spirit cannot be enslaved by the oppressive chains of reason and logical thinking” when Texas Shawn asked me: “Um, what did you set out to do?”

Also the first and only time my husband commented on my blog:

“I guess I should look at the bright side and be grateful that I learned of your handy work via your blog and not a call from the hospital.Curious to learn what your a sculpting.”

So menfolk, the next time your wife complains about you leaving your dirty socks on the floor, look on the bright side, you could be married to me.