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Parched and weary

In case you haven’t heard, much of Texas is in the clutches of the worst drought in over 50 years.

I’ve spent almost 40 years of my 46 year old life in Houston, and I have never experienced anything like it. The heat and humidity here has always been brutal, but typically afternoon thunderstorms bring reprieve from the scorching temperatures. This year has been anything but typical. Week after week, month after month with not so much as a 20% chance of rain in the forecast. In years past, a 20% chance of rain was simply a given down here.

The longer the drought continues, the closer attention I pay to the weather forecast. There have been a few days where the local weather folks have called for the possibility of rain, but either the rain falls for 5 minutes and stops or simply doesn’t come at all.

The local forecast is again calling for rain over the weekend

And I hope and pray that they’re right this time, but I’m afraid to get my hopes up.

It seems easier to be pessimistic sometimes.

To assume the worst so you won’t be disappointed.

To grow accustomed to being weary and parched, because you’ve been that way for so long.

But relief is coming.

It may not be as soon as we hope for, but it will come.

And we will be refreshed and renewed.

(And then I’ll be complaining about mosquitos)

We need a Texas Flood. Play it, Stevie…